2014/2015 Launch Party Wrap-Up

In a sea of motorcycle displays we at MakeFashion set up our launch party at the Endeavor Arts Gallery. And it was as awesome as it sounds.

The MakeFashion launch event is the annual kick-off to the year. It was a very simple and at times very inspiring and emotional as the creators of MakeFashion reflected on how far MakeFashion has come since it’s creation in 2012.

The show started with Shannon Hoover explaining how MakeFashion fit into their lives in the past year. From China to New York to recently Rome, MakeFshion has been gaining attention from the global community. The team reflected on how it’s awesome to see so many creators and innovators being recognized globally, especially since the initiative started right here in Calgary.

For the first time ever Calgary is the one teaching the world about fashion and technology, in a way that’s never been done before.


Shannon also mentioned that Absolut Vodka would be sponsoring the MakeFashion MakeCocktails event so save the date! Those cocktails won’t wait up for you, if we can help it!

After Shannon gave his touching speech the floor was directed to Jeff de Boer, creator of tech ties. Funnily enough this was the one event that Shannon, known for sporting a tech tie or two, did not wear the tech tie. Did he drop the ball? We leave that up to you to decide!

Jeff spoke of all the wonderful things that the tech tie could do from self-changing design patterns to telling the time. If a tie could do all that and more we’d never judge men again for owning only one tie. Because if you’re going to own a tie, might as well own a tie that plays music.

Patti Derbyshire of Torch Motorcycles spoke next. Torch Motorcycles is a new brand of motorcycles that are designed for women. Even cooler, it’s a Calgarian company! Patti gave a quick overview of fabulous women in history who defied society and rode motorcycles. It was not only enlightening speech, it was very powerful.

Next Chelsea Klukas took the stage; Chelsea is one of the founding members of MakeFashion. She asked the question what makes technology fashionable and cool?  And not surprisingly Google Glass did not make the list.

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for the design team and the designs was announced for MakeFashion 2015. Sneak peeks of designer sketches were revealed which will be posted online as we lead up to the event.


So there you go! Another wonderful event as concluded for us at MakeFashion. If you are bummed that you missed this opportunity to party with the MakeFashion crew, don’t worry November 22nd is our MakeCocktails event! It’s everything you could ever want in an event: educational, fun, and delicious! You won’t want to miss it!


– Photography and article by Mary Yohannes Getaneh, a second year Journalism student at Mount Royal University and our MakeFashion intern.

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