Shenzhen, China (Cancelled, going Virtual in January 2021!)

23 May 2020 | MakeFashion Edu STEAM Runway
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2019 Calendar

Here is our 2019 Calendar! Use it as a guide for 2020 to start planning! The dates will shift a bit but we will have all of the same meetings.

STEAM Runway

22 May 2020
STEAM Runway

The big show! This is MakeFashion Edu’s most visible event, where all the students show off their creations! This will be in Shenzhen, China in the Shekou district at the Seaworld Culture and Arts Center hosted by Design Society.

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Carrie Leung

Free Fashion Meetups

Fashion Meetup hosts will provide expertise, and access to space & tools. Project materials are the responsibility of the participants. Please contact the hosts to arrange a time for your team!



Wednesdays March, April, May
WeChat boomtown001

SteamHead, a non-profit community space for educators & students. SteamHead,为教育者及学生服务的非盈利性社区空间.


Carrie Leung
WeChat leung00carrie

MakerSAIS, a school makerspace. 深美国际学校创客空间,一个学校的创客空间

Design Society


Design Society Learning Team, day time workshops focused on design for schools. 设计互联学习组,专注为学校设计的白天工作坊。

MG Space

Aisling Yue
WeChat lingyu_Yue

MG Space, an awesome makerspace in Seaworld, focused on K-12 students. Some of the Wednesday meetups will be scheduled here.



Leading up to the STEAM Runway, spaces in Shenzhen will host a number of workshops. Teachers in schools, makerspaces, anywhere!

Free and paid, public and private. Here we want to show you all that goes into building the community and the projects.

makerSAIS Workshops

Shenzhen American International School will host after-school makerspace workshops for their students.


Private School

MG Space

MG Space is a student makerspace in Shekou, and will have classes open for public signup available!, WeChatlingyu_Yue

MG Space

Educational Center

Design Society Learning Team

Day time workshops focused on design for schools. For more information contact: Sherryl


Design Society

Cultural Association

Moralture Workshops at Dongwan

Moralture will partner with Dongwan provide workshops at the school in Shekou, to 20 students of the school. WeChat boomtown001 for more information.


Community Partner

More to come!

If you are providing workshops at your school or space, and would like to be listed here, please send the text you would like posted and your logo to

You, Here!

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Our Sponsors

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