MakeFashion Edu

Feb 1, 2020 4:30pm | Dunbar Pavilion, 325 W 2nd St, Tucson, AZ, USA


3 Months
Design Workshops

Students are inspired by fashion and technology, leading them to identify stories within themselves that they want to share, and finally to create runway projects to inspire the community.

Jan 24
Runway Rehearsal

The schools come together to practice with music, lighting, and community.

4 pm

Feb 1

STEAM Runway

The big show! Come see the results of the student work, and stay for the gallery exhibit to ask them questions about their designs.

530 Pm

Feb 1

Gallery Exhibit

Students discuss their projects the the public after the show. Personally sharing their stories and inspirations, and providing tips for any aspiring designers!

Online Sharing

The MakeFashion Edu team shares the show with schools and students around the world.

Sept 2020
Call for Young Designers

Local schools and educators will be opening the program to our next round of young designers! Contact your school to ask if they are participating in the program

No fee for schools to participate! This is a program for everyone!

Jan 2021
2021 Tucson Runway

Dates and times to be announced when we book a venue!

Want to help us get a Tuscon venue? We would love help!



Twila Busby


You can "MakeFashion Edu", too!

We are a non-profit run by teachers. Contact us for advice on how to run the program.

For electronics, use whatever you like, and we also have a “classroom” kit of our favorite tech. All proceeds go directly to the non-profit.

2019 Project Portraits

2020 will be released after the show!

Want professional prints? Contact our photographer! He volunteers for our non-profit, hundreds of hours, so any purchases will be appreciated!

Sponsor the Students here!

Closed, but contact us for sponsoring next year’s show in Tucson!

Our students are industrious, passionate, whimsical and questioning. They work hard and are willing to try new things. They want to make a difference in the world today. They are also tested to death in school and when not being tested, they are preparing for the tests. I would like for them to have a part of their day to develop their creative skills, to struggle, to persist, to know that mistakes are not the enemy and that there is not always one right answer.

– Twila Busby, Teacher and Community Leader