MakeFashion 5.0 Sneak Peek (Part 3)

Make Fashion 5.0 will be held on April 1st, 2017 at the TELUS Spark in Calgary, Alberta. We have our submissions in and teams are busy creating their intricate designs. Here’s third sneak peek on a few more of the pieces that will be showcased at the gala and background on the makers behind the project.

1. Team: Maria Orduz Pinto

Project: “Lumi”  

Lumi is a motion reactive, lighting focused cocktail dress that melts from soft to strong, subtle to structured. Part gown, part light installation piece the dress uses sources of light as the main focus. The skirt of the dress is a chandelier inspired installation with fibre optics, cables and crystals dangling from the waist down.

Maria Orduz Pinto has designed for MakeFashion for many years producing pieces with a strong couture element. Her work has been highlighted in publications such as Elle Canada online, Avenue Magazine, Metro news, and several North American fashion and lifestyle blogs.

2. Team: Matt Laprairie and Alexandra Catrina

   Projects: “Spanish Couture” and “Tech Net”

Inspired by late Spanish Tudor, early Baroque, Spanish Couture is a flowing dress comprised of a mix of light fiber optic fabric and juxtaposed with a dark flexible carbon fiber fabric. The carbon fiber corset is diamond encrusted. A purse will control the colour output of the gown dependent on its proximity to it.

Tech Net takes a current retail dress design and remakes it with tech and alternative materials. No design previews of these two dresses, unfortunately, so you’ll have to wait to the gala to check them out!

Matt Laprairie is a Calgary born artist that integrates carbon fiber and fiber optics into his pieces and has designed multiple pieces for MakeFashion. Alexandra Catrina has had a successful independent modeling career and has landed the role of Lead Model for MakeFashion.

Remember, MakeFashion 5.0 is the first time these pieces will be showcased, so make sure you get your tickets. Buy them here!

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