What we do

MakeFashion Edu is an international non-profit working to promote learning through fashion and tech. Through hosting workshops; reach-out and push-in activities; and larger events, MakeFashion Edu sees providing access for young designers to go to industry and project-based learning as one way to pull local communities together.

Works curated for MakeFashion Edu: STEAM Runway Exhibition are the culminated works of individual designers, teams of designers, and the supporting community of educators, administrators, and local organizations. The goal is to provide access to young designers and mentors, often through crash courses in the application of STEAM and design skills that have participants to develop a base-level understanding of electricity, software engineering, hardware engineering, and design practices. Moreover, participation provides a learning experience in learning teamwork and collaboration, the redefinition of failure, and a litany of other soft skills that must be developed for each project to reach the runway.

Who we are

We are thinkers and tinkerers. MakeFashion Edu is supported by a large team of passionate coordinators and volunteers.

We are a group created by MakeFashion founders Shannon and Maria Hoover working together with Carrie Leung, director of maker education Shenzhen American International School (SAIS) and co-founder of SteamHead maker community.

We are a movement made possible by Shenzhen’s appetite for technology and expression! Our inaugural event was supported by a host of organizations!

Profiles supporting members and organizations coming soon!

Who to contact

First, our community in the forums! You need to create an account, but this is where our most detailed information will be posted. And then, for further conversations:

  • for Event Hosting and K-12 Workshops
  • SteamHead Makerspace provides some workshops, but will also help direct you to independent local providers
  • for University and Professional workshops
  • To buy tech designed by members of the team!

How to become involved

Anyone who is interested, can! For the education community everywhere, we present our works in hopes that they will inspire your own. Send us pictures and videos in our forum of your projects!

We can help direct you to workshops, hosting your own events, getting materials and tech, finding instructions and more! See our “who to ask” section.

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