Content procured and written by Nick Shriner

  1. Silent Weaver

MG Space

Team Silent Weaver, comprised of Tina Jiang (grade 7), Kiki Ye (grade 6), Sally Huang (grade 6), Sharon Cheng (grade 3), Nicole Xu (grade 7), and model Vivian Zhang (grade 7), is based in Shekou’s MG Space. Coming together for the first time for the MakeFashion Edu event. Each team member has brought their own unique stories and experiences to the project, and, through lengthy discussion, have synthesized multiple ideas, including sand and universe, into a core theme: fire. To each team member, this project means something different – a chance to try something new and gain new perspective; a chance to work with tech in a team environment; and, an opportunity to inspire other girls to get involved with something they find joy in: making and design.





  1. Car


Team Car is headed by ninth grader Michael Chan, with support from QSI Engineering Club members Daniel Ong, Danielle Long, and Eddy Yeung, both grade 11. Currently 14 years old, Michael has put together and compiled code for an electric car from assorted components. With an inherent love of building, Michael sees what he has made as a really awesome toy; its future: to be parts for the next, better one.



小组“车”由九年级的Michael Chan带队,并有来自QSI工程俱乐部的高一年级(grade 11)学生Daniel Ong,Danielle Long和Eddy Yeung协助参与。今年14岁的Michael已经为一辆电动小车整合并编译了各类组件的代码。他天生对制作建造有一种热爱,并认为他所制作的小车是一个非常棒的玩具,这辆小车接下来会成为一辆更棒更好的车的一部分。


  1. VR DJ

XR Pioneers

Working with cutting edge tech, recently featured at this year’s SXSW, Jacky Pan (grade 8), K.K. Liu (grade 6), Emma Chang (grade 10), and Oskar Nicklaus-Chernock (grade 8) are putting on a virtual DJ performance before the main event. One student will be spinning music live while a second will be running effects and observing the virtual environment the DJ is working in. Inspired by pre-existing interests to delve into the uncharted capabilities of VR, this group of students has been working this last year to acquaint themselves with the history of VR and its newest applications, and are now very much involved in pushing the boundaries of what the shared VR experience can be.


XR Pioneers

在科技时装走秀正式开始前, Jacky Pan(初二Grade 8)、K.K.Liu(六年级)、Emma Chang(高一Grade 10)和Oskar Nicklaus-Chernock(初二Grade 8)将为大家带来一项最尖端的科技音乐表演:在今年美国“西南偏南(SXSW)”音乐节上大放异彩的虚拟现实音乐秀。一名学生将会进行现场音乐直播,而第二名学生将会在周围制作特效和观察DJ正在工作的虚拟现实环境。这个小组的成员们在深入探究虚拟现实VR未知的性能时被启发,从去年开始研究VR的历史并尝试最新的VR应用,他们在不断探寻VR共享经历的边界和发展未来。


  1. Bionic Wings

Yucai #4

Yanqi Zou, of Yucai #4, 12 years old, has created a pair of bionic wings. Using carbon rod for the main support structure, fabric and other rudimentary materials have been used to complete its final form. With a wingspan of one meter, the wings are user-programmable to flap automatically. LED lights have been used in tandem with sensors, programmed as well by the user, to complete the look and create continuity between the wings and wearer’s garments.






  1. Mechanical Hand

Yucai #4

Lixin Mo, 11 years old, has constructed a mechanical hand. Using Lego components and software from Lego’s Mindstorms Education EV3 line, three motors; two touch and one color sensor; and movements are synced together – one motor controlling two fingers and another motor controlling the thumb. As the basic form of the hand has taken shape, Lixin has then added his own personal flare to the project to make it more self expressive.




项目介绍:机械手是利用乐高ev3器材所制作,程序上是利用LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3软件编程;在机器模型上我们采用两个大型电机和一个小型电机以及两个触摸传感器和一个颜色传感器。分配上是利用一个传感器来控制一个电机的运转,一个大型电机和两个手指相连,中型电机和拇指相连,基本模型实现完成后可以再根据自己的审美适当加些元素。


  1. Wizard

Yucai #4

Jingyuan Liang, 11 years old, from Shenzhen’s Yucai #4, is creating a wizard’s outfit. Re-purposing a Halloween costume, he has taken the old-fashion-style outfit and mended it to their liking. Incorporated into each part of the dark clothing, from the cape to the hat, lights will be able to be illuminated at the wearer’s command. Most important of all, the wizard will be carrying their magic ball that only they themselves are able to activate. Under the wizard’s control, the magic ball will bring forth multicolored light from the darkness.






  1. Friendship Dress


Composed of Athena Hu and Molly Li, eight years old, the Friendship Dress has been inspired by the friendship the two designers have shared for five years now. Their piece incorporates LED lighting and fabric artwork on a dress format. Describing the design process as a challenge in the project, an earlier comment by Athena sheds light on their final piece: “Molly and I [have been] friends since we were three years old. We love to play princess games. One day, under the starry night, we played [our] favorite princess game again. Something felt special. That is ‘friendship’.”





  1. Dong & Wan

Dongwan Primary School

Miaoqun Chen, Zihan Zeng, Wang Ruoxiang, and their classmates, age 11, from Dongwan Primary School, are working on projects following the theme of “future fashion”. Following a two-month unit exploring the “future city” of Shenzhen from a designer’s standpoint, in which students considered problems faced today, then designed and eventually built sections of the city they imagined. Here, they have discussed and worked together to create fashion pieces that can represent their school in their future city by reaching to the past for deeper inspiration – touching on Dongwan Primary School’s history of pulling together the two villages of Dong and Wan in its inception.





  1. Super Makers


Grade three team, Super Makers, is made up of: Ben Huang, Henry Liao, Ivan Hao, Michael Chang, Nick Yuan, Joey Ye, and Hoho Cao. Their project, titled: Black Wolf, depicts an alien super hero – super fast with super strong armor and claws. The entire design is highlighted with EL-wires and LED lights; clever work has gone into creating retractable claws. Inspired by super hero and action movies, the Super Makers see what they are doing as something cool. Along the way, they have worked through the design process and come together to make their initial ideas they brainstormed on paper come to life.





  1. Quinceañera –  Las Florecitas


Emily Cao, Alice Xiao, Amy Luo, and Winnie Gu are a mixed grade two-grade three team. Together they have designed and created a dress spotted in flowers; LED lights are then used to accent each flower. Each of the 26 flowers were handmade by members of the team before being attached to the dress. Challenges they have overcome since the start of the project include synthesizes the large number of ideas they had at the onset, working together as a cohesive team to finish their project, and learning how to manipulate the electronics involved.





  1. Guitar


London Reese and Cassandra Durand, age 12, are creating a touch-play guitar. Using simple materials to construct the frame; copper tape and a micro:bit are then used to control the sound output. This project comes at the end of a unit where students were propositioned to think of ways to help someone survive in the wilderness with a micro:bit and other basic electronic devices, requiring students to gather knowledge on simple circuits and programming. With survival in mind, Cassandra and London are making something someone could use to entertain themselves, or, just make a lot of noise to keep predators away.



12岁的London Reese和Cassandra Durand创造了一把可触摸演奏的吉他。他们使用了非常简单的材料来制作吉他框架,然后利用铜导电胶带和micro:bit(微型电脑开发板)来控制声音输出。这件作品来自于学生们之前完成的一个课程结果,在课上他们需要用一个micro:bit和一些基础电子器件帮助在荒野中求生的人,这需要他们使用学到的电路和编程知识。Cassandra和London因此制作了一把可以让求生者在荒野中自娱的吉他,或者可以用这把吉他制造噪音来驱赶野兽。


  1. Wings


SAIS classmates Amy Hu, Angela Shan, Coco Wan, Lily Zhou, Lincoln Stahle, and Maria Reyes have worked in close proximity to each create their own wings. Sighting steps from the design process, from initial concept to implementation, as each having its own challenges, they have given and received inspiration from their peers to each arrive at their own unique conclusions. Enthusiastic to share about the materials, tech, and nuance in each of their own pieces, a general feeling of satisfaction comes through after all of the hard work that has been put into each project.



深美学生Amy Hu、Angela Shan、Coco Wan、Lily Zhou、Lincoln Stahle和Maria Reyes齐心协力创作了他们自己的翅膀。他们仔细观察和思考设计过程,从最初的概念到最终实施,每一步都充满挑战,他们互相给予对方灵感,并得出自己的独特结论。他们热衷于分享各自的作品中的材料、技术和细微差别,经过投入到每个项目中的辛勤工作之后,总有一种满足感。


  1. Cycle


Team Cycle is formed by George Jiang and Corbin Schweighert, age 13, both working on backpack designs. Corbin’s work uses recycled bubble wrap, ironed together to add strength and replace seams. A bike enthusiast, Corbin has incorporated back-facing sensors, activating lighting in the backpack whenever large objects are approaching from behind – like a car approaching a biker. George is working with a black backpack and tucked away lighting to create a more aesthetically driven piece. His inspiration: drawn from “the stars in the night”.



小组“单车”由13岁的George Jiang 和Corbin Schweighert组成,一同完成一项背包设计。Caorbin将回收的塑料气泡包装熨平叠加在一起来增加强度并减少缝隙,作为一个自行车爱好者,Corbin在设计中加入了背向传感器,使背包能在大型物体从背后靠近时自动闪光——比如当一辆汽车靠近自行车时。George制作了一个黑色的背包,并将灯光隐藏起来使其看起来更有美感。他的灵感来源于“夜空中的星星”。


  1. Mood Dress


Shuyu Bai, age grade 2, has incorporated LED lights with a micro:bit into her design. Using the micro:bit as the control center, she is able to use her dance movements to create changes through the colors the LED lights illuminate. Inspired by the sparkle and glow of Snow White’s dress, Shuyu came upon the idea to create her own dress that would light as it moved. As the wearer dances and moves, their feelings are visually amplified even further, inspiring both the dancer and the audience.

组名:心情裙子 (Mood Dress):










  1. Ocean!


Thirteen year old Hayle Massey has always been drawn to the ocean, its beauty, the life it contains, and the adventure it can hold. The inspiration for her ensemble is drawn from the desire to preserve the ocean we all share. Her skirt is meant to represent the naturally billowing movements of the ocean and the lights representing life. Parts of the skirt are constructed from up-cycled plastic bags. Hayle hopes her skirt inspires people to take part in preserving the beauty of our only ocean.



13岁的Hayle Massey一直对海洋深深着迷,海洋的美丽、它蕴含的生命和它承载的冒险经历都令她向往。她设计的整体服装的灵感来自于保护我们共有的海洋的心愿。她的短裙代表着自然翻腾的巨浪,裙上的灯光象征着生命。裙子的一部分是由升级改造的回收塑料袋制作而成的。Hayle希望她设计的裙子能激励人们参与保护我们仅有的美丽海洋。


  1. Dragon Heart


There’s an old Chinese folktale, YeGongHaoLong, about a man who loved dragons. His love for dragons was so great that it caught the attention of the dragons themselves. But when the dragons descended to pay the old man a visit, he saw them and immediately yelped in fear, and ran away – forever fearing the thing he claimed to love. “Moral of the story: don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Be true to yourself”, says King Yao. Being true to yourself holds a lot of weight for both King and collaborators Daniel Zeng and Victor Ocengunda. When King and Daniel became aware that the inspiration and message for both their works were the same, they decided to collaborate on a single creative piece – symbolizing that there is space for individuality and collaboration when creating.



中国有一个古老的传说:叶公好龙,讲的是一个人非常喜爱龙的故事。他对于龙的喜爱强烈到引起了天上的真龙的注意。但是当龙下凡来拜访叶公的时候,他却在看到龙之后惊恐万分,转身就跑——从此他十分恐惧自己一直声称喜爱的东西。“这个故事告诉我们:不要假装成为一个不是你自己的人。对自己要诚实。”小设计师King Yao如是说。做真实的自己这一理念对King和他的小伙伴Daniel Zeng和Victor Ocengunda都十分重要。当King和Daniel意识到他们的作品灵感和想要传达的信息是相似的时候,他们决定合作完成这一件创意制作——这也意味着创作的时候,独立和协作都可行。


  1. The Royal Donuts


Through the study of texture, students took inspiration from American artist Wayne Thiebaud. His textured paintings that focused on cakes and desserts spawned the idea for this team’s creation. It was finally Disney’s Cookie Carnival Symphony that helped the young designers solidify their idea of the Royal Donut Court with Donut Queen and Donut King. The effort has involved a team of mixed ages – from grade 1 to 8, and their collaborative efforts have proved fruitful as they worked through concept creation, design, revision, and final works.



在学习各种不同材质的过程中,学生们从美国艺术家伟恩·第伯(Wayne Thiebaud)的作品中汲取了灵感。他充满质感的蛋糕和甜品画作为这组作品带来了创意想法。最终,小设计师们在看完迪士尼的动画短片《曲奇饼狂欢节》后坚定了他们设计一对甜甜圈王后和国王的皇家甜甜圈组合的想法。小组中的设计师们年龄各异,从一年级到初二年级都有,他们共同努力一起完成了概念创作、设计、修改和最终成型,取得了丰盛的成果。


  1. Sassy Samba


“Who doesn’t like to have fun?” poses Sarah Moon. Designers Phyllis Yeh, Sarah Moon, and Star Wu (grade 5) immediately saw potential when they saw a giant bird Kindergartners had made. Reusing the paper feathers from the bird, the team transformed into another form – a Samba themed outfit – for fun. Devout makers, adept at weaving their academic learning into design, the team also believes in recycling and eliminating waste. Using a combination of imagination, craft, and tech skills, a majority of their piece has been made from re-used and recycled materials. With it, the team hopes to create an atmosphere of positivity and excitement through their Samba costume.



“谁不想玩得开心呢?”Sarah Moon如是说。五年级的设计师Phyllis Yeh、Sarah Moon、和Star Wu在看到幼儿园孩子们做的巨型鸟后决定了他们要完成的作品:再利用鸟身上的纸质羽毛,制作成为一个全新的形式——一件桑巴主题的外衣——纯粹为了好玩!认真的创客们熟练地将他们学习到的知识运用到设计中,并始终坚持对资源的重复利用和减少浪费。他们的作品很大一部分都是使用回收再利用的材料,其中融合了他们的想象力、手工艺和技术技能。通过这件桑巴时装作品,组员们希望能营造一种积极向上、充满激情的氛围。


  1. Carousel

Grace Siewert

Gracjana Siewert, grade 8, took inspiration from Polish legend Lajkonik to form her piece, Carousel. With a pre-existing interest in art, Grace took the opportunity to incorporate tech elements and simple machines to create an aurora of magic. Her creation is reminiscent of her childhood in Poland and her friends there. “I think Fashion is great. I can express myself. I can design, decorate, and invent the most beautiful creations.” Creating and presenting projects to larger audiences has provided opportunities for her to continue building her confidence as a creator and find likeminded people to collaborate with.


Grace Siewert

初二(grade 8)学生Grace Siewert设计的作品“旋转木马”灵感来自于波兰基督圣体节的传统(在这天,一个叫Lajkonik的男人打扮成东方的战士,骑着白色的木马在街道上游行。)Grace一直以来都对艺术很感兴趣,她正好抓住这次机会,加入技术元素和简单机械,创造出一个充满魔力的氛围。她的创作同时也是对她在波兰的童年和小伙伴的怀念。“我认为时尚很棒,我可以表达我自己,我可以设计、装饰和创造最漂亮的作品。”创作并向更多观众展示她的作品给了她机会不断地提高她作为一名创作者的自信心,也可以遇见更多志同道合的朋友。


  1. A Rainy Day in Tokyo


Lucas Li, grade 7, says: “When I was given the idea to add electronics to fashion, immediately thought of a rainy day I spent in Tokyo with my family. The rain came suddenly. I remembered watching this elegant lady in a kimono running from awning to awning, trying to keep her finely done hair from getting wet. I remember thinking to myself, only if she had an umbrella that had a moisture sensor, then she’d be warned the rain was coming.”  Lucas has created that umbrella with moisture sensor, as well as a handmade kimono-style rain coat from recycled plastics. Encouraging others to tinker and create, he has long found art and tech to be a powerful way for him to express his own thoughts and feelings.



七年级的Lucas Li说:“当我开始思考在时装中加入电子元素时,我立刻就想到了曾经在东京与家人一起度过的下雨天。那场雨来得很突然,我记得一位穿着和服的高雅的女士在一个接一个的雨篷下奔跑,尽量不让她精致的发型被雨水打湿。当时我就在想,如果她有一把装有湿度传感器的雨伞,她就能提前知道会下雨了。”所以Lucas创作了一把带有湿度传感器的雨伞,以及一件用回收塑料做成的和服风格的雨衣。他很久之前就已经发现艺术和技术是一种表达自己的思想和感受的绝佳方式,并且一直在鼓励其他人自己动手创造。


  1. Shoes


Dorin Loubel and Arthur Ma, grade 6, have both made shoes that explore different social aspects. Arthur’s shoe designs were inspired by the Black History Movement, “Shining a Light on Inequality”. Arthur considers Shenzhen home, and hopes to shine a light on inequalities that exist in our own communities. Dorin’s shoe design is meant to bring light upon the fashion industry and the consumers that are killing animals to make certain fashion items. Dorin herself enjoys dressing fashionably, saying, “My favorite kind of fashion is high street fashion because it makes women look strong and I believe in the power of women.”



六年级的Dorin Loubel和Arthur Ma都在制作能探寻不同的社会层面问题的鞋子。Arthur设计的鞋子灵感来自于黑人历史运动,他说希望能“突出展现不平等”。Arthur认为深圳是他的家,希望能突出我们生活的社区中存在的不平等现象。Dorin设计的鞋子旨在突出展现时尚行业中谋杀动物来制作时尚产品的现象,她自己十分享受美丽的服装,她说“我最喜欢的时装是高街时尚,因为它使女性看起来很强大,我相信女性的力量。”