MakeFashion Introduces StitchKit – The Fashion Technology Kit for Everyone

StitchKit is a FashionTech kit made for everyone: from the young student, to teachers, to design professionals and cosplayers. StitchKit contains all the components you need to get started to turn your design projects into awesome wearable projects!

What you use StitchKit for is only limited by your imagination and creativity! Have you considered adapting your prom dress? Make it light up and dazzle at your grad! Create that ultimate haute couture piece for the runway! Try making things glow, like your plasma cannon with blasting sound effects for the next comic convention. The ugly Christmas sweaters will never be the same again!

StitchKit comes with a custom Arduino-based board (based on the ATMega32U4) that is made specifically for FashionTech and wearables. The controller (the brain of a fashion tech/wearable piece) was designed to withstand movements of daily wear and use, yet is compact enough to be incorporated and hidden into your fashion or wearable piece. This is based on our experiences using several types Arduino boards and having them break during runway shows, or when people are wearing fashion tech pieces on a runway.

We also designed this board to be powerful with lights and so far, we’ve tested 300 lights at full white brightness with no issues, and over 500 for rainbow colors!