Interview with Co-Founder Chelsea Klukas Blog | Rex St John |  Dec 13 2017  |  International

MakeFashion unveils Stitchkit

Smart clothing won’t take off for a while. Here’s why.

Pilcrow | Rob Boffard |  Nov 29 2016  |  Vancouver

“Fortunately — or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about things like smart jackets — the landscape is changing, albeit slowly.”

Designing for Smart Fabrics: Deciding What to Design

Fashnerd | Jonathan Kohl |  Aug 8 2016  |  International

“Wearable technology should be designed to work within that context to complement real-life experiences.”

Shine Bright Like a Projector with This Tech-Savvy Hat

The Creators Project | Vice Media  | Francesca Capossela |  July 2 2016  |  International

“Though the projection system’s design is simple and elegant, Lumen Couture was intially the result of two failures.”


Les Assorties  | Alexandra Zografou |  June 2 2016  |  Greece

“Despite the increasing accessibility of wearable tech, we still haven’t seen it become mainstream in fashion. The next milestone is seeing wearable tech incorporated into mid-priced streetwear.”

Makers to Redefine Fashion at Maker Faire Paris

Make: Magazine  | Goli Mohammadi  |  April 28 2016  |  Worldwide

“We try to balance what we bring to the shows between bringing pieces that we think will fit the local culture and those that will represent a variety of makers.”

MakeFashion 2016: The best fashion tech from the runway

Wearable  |  Amanda Cosco  |  April 6 2016  |  Worldwide

“With fashion designers and artists working alongside engineers and makers, the next frontier of fashion promises to be highly emotive in new and unexpected ways.”

Six questions with tech fashionista Chelsea Klukas, co-founder of Make Fashion

Calgary Herald  |  Jon Roe  |  March 30 2016  |  Calgary

“The tech fashionistas of Make Fashion have a wider sense of the possibilities, though—namely, wearable technology that’s beautiful.”

Mind-controlled dresses and laser-cut collars as Calgary engineers Make Fashion

Metro News  |  Aaron Chatha  |  March 21 2016  |  Calgary

“With fashion designers and artists working alongside engineers and makers, the next frontier of fashion promises to be highly emotive in new and unexpected ways.”

Fashion Gets Technical at MakeFashion

Avenue Magazine  |  Sarah Comber  |  March 01 2016  |  Calgary

“However, Calgary-based MakeFashion seamlessly bridges the gap between the two fields by connecting members of the local and international design community with tech enthusiasts.”

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