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MakeFashion Edu is a platform for young designers, and a launching point for careers in design. Designers take what they need from technology to share their stories, and don’t need to be engineers to do so. Make Fashion Tech part of your plan!

Here you can find options for starting your own workshops, getting access to MakeFashion Edu community, insider content, and applying to have your own MakeFashion Edu Runway!

Contact us if you’d like to apply!

MakeFashion Edu

Local Guild Houses

Create a continuous community impact!

Host Events

Guild Houses can create MakeFashion Edu platform events in order to give their community a greater voice.

STEAM Runways, Winter Galas, Fashion Hackathons, and Fashion Camps!

Call For Instructors

You have access to our MakeFashion professional engineers, designers, educators, and coordinators.

When you host a MakeFashion Edu Event, you will have access to these folks for advice and consultation.

Tech Sourcing

We will help you source larger amounts of supplies to sustain your space and your community’s fashion tech hunger!

Basically we know a lot of places to get big boxes of tech, and can help you get lots of fun stuff for your community.

MakeFashion Edu

Workshop Fans

We are overjoyed if you want to self-host workshops in your community around the theme of MakeFashion Edu. The workshop content on our sites is for you and your students to use to come up with great projects and ideas!

Some questions?

  • ¬†Our Instagram has great photos of all the projects, that’s a great place to get starter inspiration.
  • As you complete your projects, we would love it if you posted online and shared a link in our discourse forum!
  • If you’d like to use MakeFashion Edu logo, please see our logo usage guidelines.

MakeFashion Edu

Local Crews

For dedicated MakeFashion groups, we offer a Local Crew status! Your Local Crew must have an Edu Organizer, who will be the main contact with our HQ team. Your team profiles will be listed on our website.

Local Crew Requirements

  • Annual fee $100, goes to hosting Local Crew events, grants available
  • Keep records on your meetups and projects
  • Attend quarterly online meetings
  • Organizer to respond to communications from HQ

MakeFashion Edu Local Crew Benefits


Your organizer is added to our Local Crew Chat, a direct line to founding team members and experts

Fundraising help

Access to MakeFashion Edu Crew Store where you can get logo’d merchandise for your crew members to fundraise (or wear!)

Logo Usage

We have a logo pack for you to put up in your space, and you can advertise your official events!


We work with qualified MakeFashion Edu Mentors in regions around the world. If you would like an introductory experience hosted by one of our mentors, we can help to set it up!

Availability varies by region around the world, and the schedules of our members, send us an email to set things up!

STEAM Runway Projects

Check out what’s been made!

Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon Holligner K-8 Diana Gallego, Age 11 Diana created apparel to share her inner spirit with others: protective of her family and friends and aggressive towards challengers!

read more
The Rainbow

The Rainbow

The Rainbow Drachman Montessori Jaelyn Villanueva, Age 11 What does K Pop and the Greek goddess Iris have in common? Fourth grader Jaelyn. Inspired by the dance rhythms of K Pop, she used her control of the color spectrum through light emitting diodes, or LEDs, to...

read more

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