Students combine fashion and technology in a piece that they design from the ground up, learning design thinking, technology, industry tools, and most importantly: using these skills to express themselves through their own stories in their communities.


Engineering + Fashion

MakeFashion Edu is an international non-profit working to promote learning through fashion and tech. Through hosting workshops, reach-out and push-in activities, and larger events, MakeFashion Edu sees providing access for young designers to go to industry and project-based learning as one way to pull local communities together.

MakeFashion Edu provides a year-round suite of education programs and support for K-12 educators and students.

MakeFashion Edu has proven to be a powerful entry point for students of all perspectives and backgrounds, but especially for girls who are hesitant to engage with science and technology subjects


MakeFashion Edu runways are held in public spaces, and are the culminating event that the students work towards. The critical skills and processes all occur in the months leading up to the runway event, but the public display is a huge factor in motivating everyone and ensuring accountability to a large audience.


MakeFashion Edu classes are held in schools or education centers around the world. Ideally lasting an entire semester, these classes focus on design, storytelling, and use technology as a secondary objective. These experiences excel at bringing students who do not self-identify as engineers towards using technology to complete projects they find compelling.

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