MakeFashion Edu is an education project created in collaboration between SteamHead (www.steamhead.space) and MakeFashion, together we work to promote learning through fashion and tech. By hosting workshops; reach-out and push-in activities; and larger events, MakeFashion Edu sees providing access for young designers to go to industry and project-based learning as one way to pull local communities together.

Our participants are students, teachers, parents, after school providers, community organizations.

You can find our staff at https://steamhead.space/about-us/ and https://makefashion.ca/about


Press Articles

MakeFashion Edu @ GlowFest Calgary

We have 17 teams and 23 pieces showing at this year's MakeFashion Edu STEAM runway at GlowFest Calgary. Don't miss this amazing show on February 15th at Brookfield Plaza, tickets available on eventbrite! Check out our CTV spot here!

MakeFashion Edu in Tucson

 MakeFashion Edu Tucson was a smash success! For our first ever event in the United States, we partnered with three schools in the Tucson Unified School District: Hollinger K-8, Drachman Montessori K-8 Magnet, Pueblo High School. Twila and Elisa Busby led our team on...

MakeFashion Edu at the 2018 Nanshan School Maker Faire

The MakeFashion Edu team was featured at the Nanshan School Maker Faire that took place at the Seaworld Arts and Culture Center in Shekou, Shenzhen. This was an amazing event that not only let us show off some of our great STEAM runway pieces, but also to meet and...