STEAM Runway Shows

MakeFashion Edu STEAM Runway Shows are fashion tech events showcasing young designers’ integration of STEAM skills into wearables on a flat fashion runway.


Calgary is the home of MakeFashion, the professional designer platform and namesake of MakeFashion Edu! Students in Calgary received mentorship from professional designers familiar with technology on the runway – a scarce resource across the entire world. These outfits were displayed at a city-wide festival of lights, and garnered a lot of impact due to the deep roots that MakeFashion has established in this innovation-embracing city.


San Marcos is the home of High Tech Middle, a progressive “Project Based Learning” school that has had worldwide influence on schools seeking to bring their students’ learning outside of the confines of a classroom into the real world. MakeFashion Edu experienced its first round of projects that received inputs from Humanities, Science, and Design classes! This collaboration between teachers and cross-disciplinary experience for students resulted in projects with deep advocacy and social purposes.


We began our runway program in Shenzhen, and thanks to the Design Society, a group inside the Seaworld Culture and Arts Center, we have always had a stunning venue in this city. Shenzhen is the worldwide center for electronics production, and the community that came together to mentor the first round of students included electronics company owners and technology entrepreneurs, in addition to the schools.


Tucson is the home of several international school teachers that helped form the initial show in Shenzhen, China. They brought the program back to the US, and established MakeFashion Edu’s presence in America. The students in Tucson have not had extensive access to new technologies, so this program has brought a lot of change to the community, including surrounding universities with Fashion programs.