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Sharing the work of the MakeFashion Edu designers is paramount to the process. Young designers have the opportunity to tell their story with their designs to a public audience. This encourages and motivates designers to improve and adjust their work. Our 3 favorites methods to share stories and fashion tech pieces are:

STEAM Runway

The Gallery

For a more traditional student exhibit, students can arrange their design work leading to their pieces on a poster board or trifold, and then either wear the outfit or display it on a mannequin. Attendees can move among the displays and talk to the student designers directly!

Virtual Exhibition

Teachers and students come together to showcase their projects in an online space that is like a video game with live conferencing capabilities.

Early in 2020, as the pandemic continued, we took the opportunity to explore novel methods of exhibiting and collaborating. What we found was new methods and mediums to interact in familiar ways. What we build now will be on the road to the future of work and education!

Using Mozilla Hubs, students create their own worlds and exhibition spaces for their in real life creations. Linked together in a network of portals, these virtual galleries can be navigated on our World Map. Still want to participate but do not have time to create your own virtual space? Teachers can submit content on behalf of their classes and volunteers will place it in a virtual world.

Getting started with Mozilla Labs

Virtual Maker Exhibition (Teacher Tour)

Join the Discord chat where you can find a guide and helpful people!

“MakeFashion Edu is fun, it gets the students engaged, and everyone is really excited about the runway show!”

— M. Thatcher (Primary School Art Teacher)

“The program introduces young students to technology who started out only interested in art. It brings the two together in a way that makes students imagine big things!”

— Aisling Yue (Makerspace Manager)