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Help your students express themselves through fashion, using technology

MakeFashion Edu Teacher Projects Kit

We know everyone’s needs are different, so contact us if you would like to customize! MakeFashion Edu exists to create access and opportunities to empower and enable in education. These products and kits are to help us sustain our programs, however if you find that costs are a challenge, please contact us and we can work something out!

The Teacher Kit includes enough materials for up to 12 easy to basic projects. Of course this depends on your young designers imaginations, however it will be a great start! The number of students the Teacher Kit can accommodate is dependent on how the teams are formed in your learning environment, however, in our experience these quantities can comfortably have 12 individual students working on their own easy to basic projects.

The Teacher Kit includes: 36 Coin.Pods, 6 Lace.Pods, 6 Line.Bits, 6 Flexi.Bits, 6 Bit.Controllers



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MakeFashion Edu Classrooms Kit

The Classrooms Kit is geared toward getting hands on the tech, hands-on brainstorming, and prototyping. The Classrooms Kit is meant to be shared among different classrooms. In this kit there should be enough materials for class of 30 students to comfortably get their hands-on ideation on!

  • The Classroom Kit includes: 36 Coin.Pods, 18 Angler.Pods, 12 Lace.Pods
  • 12 Line.Bits, 12 Flexi.Bits, 12 Bit.Controllers

MakeFashion Edu Starter Kit

6 small projects + 1 final project. 1 to 4 students recommended.

16 pieces of lights and electronics total, no clothing or wearable accessories included.

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Small kits like this are available for pickup in our office!


Tap the disk, get 6 seconds of Red, Green, & Blue flashes!


A super bright strip of LEDs with 20 different patterns to choose


Press a button, get a continuous pattern of tons of colors!


A flexible placement of LEDs with 20 different patterns to choose


Press a button, get 8 seconds of tons of colors!


These guys let you choose patterns for the Bit Lights

Classroom Magic

Classroom kits of electronics with supporting lessons to release the inner storyteller of your students!

Enhance your wearables

Take something you already own, and use it to tell your story.

Create new fashions

Use the bare LEDs and fabric to create new accessories and apparel.

Developed by teachers who are sharing with the community

Sample Projects

Criss Cross

Bolo Time

Spiral Coat

Petal Pure

Wear What You Love

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