Smart Suit

Kelly Hofer

The smart suit is designed for the phone addict. With built in charging, a NFC business card, a phone locator and wireless charging for the suit itself

Technical Information

The suit has the following features:

  • Magnetically aligned QI wireless charging hanger and suit;
  • 5200 mAh battery storage built in for phone charging via USB;
  • Bluetooth enabled pairing device for finding your phone;
  • NFC business card for tap to share contact info; and
  • A light-up pocket square.

Kelly Hofer is a photographer, fashion engineer, filmmaker, author, and web designer. Find out more at or on Instagram and Twitter at @kellyhofer.

Photography: Jeff McDonald | Design: Kelly Hofer Studios | Hair: Ashley Fehr-Lommer-ONE Beauty Academy


In Kelly’s own words…

“I wanted to make something practical and beautiful that I would wear on a daily basis. This suit has all of the tech hidden inside the jacket. I identified problems that I had with my cell phone and found ways of solving them using wearable tech. For losing my phone, I can now find it by pressing a button on the lapel of my jacket, which makes my phone vibrate and ring.
We all know phones run out of power, so I built in a really slim battery charger for filling up on the go. When you get home at the end of the day, you simply hang up the jacket and it starts charging via its wirelessly charging enabled hanger. A magnet built into both the suit and hanger along with the charging coil, align and snap them together for effortless charging.”

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