Kathryn Blair and Scatha G. Allison (miss velvet cream)

To:gether is a collaboration between Kathryn Blair and Scatha G. Allison to combine brainwaves, LEDs, servos and neocouture clothing into a set of garments that reflect their wearers.


To:gether is an exploration of the potentials of the intersection of fashion and technology, taking neocouture clothing and finding ways to have the design and shape respond to the wearer. Through an investigation of brain-computer interfaces the project explores the way that technology can transform how we communicate.

The two different looks show the interplay between the brainwaves of the individuals wearing the garments and how they come together. The similarities and differences in their thinking are embodied in movement, silhouette, and light, showing how our interactions might change in a future in which we will be able to see how similarly two people are thinking.

To:gether | Designers: Kathryn Blair X Miss Velvet Cream | Model: Chelsea Heybloom | Hair: Kelsey Yule-ONE Beauty Academy | Makeup: Roseanne Aziz | Photography: Kelly Hofer Studios

Technical Information

The muse headsets gather the EEG data about each of the people wearing the garments, which they relay to the Rephone microcontrollers via Bluetooth. The microcontrollers compare the data over wifi, and control the motion of the bustles and the lights to make the outfits more similar the more similarly the wearers are thinking. 

Technical specs include:

  • Xadow rephone boards, Xadow GSM breakouts and Xadow Duinos
  • Adafruit servo controllers
  • Hi-tech Servos
  • WS2812B lights
  • Muse EEG headsets
  • Lithium Polymer batteries

Video by Paul Spenard

The Team

Scatha G. Allison, Artist and Designer, miss velvet cream Neocouture Clothing

Scatha G. Allison is the artist and designer forMiss Velvet Cream. MVC is neo-couture clothing that embodies silhouettes of the past with dreams of the future, all bridged by the conscious present. MVC design is guided by aesthetics of construction and innovation that are individualized, craft-intensive and committed to excellence in quality, wearability and above all, beauty.

miss velvet cream Neocouture Clothing is a California made sustainable slow fashion clothing line made by artist Scatha G. Allison. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and a punk rock sensibility in design and construction, combined with a love of luxury and an eye for silhouette and feminine power characterize the style and design of miss velvet cream pieces.

All miss velvet cream designs are individually constructed by the artist by hand in her studio. As part of MVC ongoing commitment to sustainability in the line, find unique upcycled and vintage reconstructions along with exquisite contemporary ready to wear, neocouture dresses, jackets, coats and separates that reflect a luxurious future fashion aesthetic.

Scatha G. Allison trained as a fine artist and in 2003 began making one of a kind pieces of wearable art. She is author of DIY reconstruction book “Jean Therapy” and has shown her Neocouture collections in shows and exhibitions throughout California, including The Exploratorium, The Crucible, Crocker Art Museum, Yerba Buena Art Center, The Luggage Store Gallery, SOMARTS Gallery and has exhibited and presented at Makerfaire Bay Area since 2006.

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“This was my first experience working with technology infused into clothing, and as an artist I am excited about the potentials and the future of technology in fashion. I can see how there is a whole new world of design and integration, and the successful infusions of Art and Technology will bring beauty and expression into a seamless integration of experience.
Working with the MakeFashion team and production has been an inspiring and exciting experience, I am deeply thankful for their support and guidance throughout this project. “

Scatha G. Allison

Kathryn Blair, Artist and Technical Designer

Kathryn Blair is a visual artist from Calgary. She has been involved with MakeFashion since 2013, and her work focuses on the ways humans interact with technology and how it mediates their experiences. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree  in Visual Art from the University of British Columbia and is beginning the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Calgary in September 2016.

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“Involvement in MakeFashion has had a powerful impact on my practice – I had worked with physical computing before, but MakeFashion provided the perfect context for me to explore the potential of physical computing in the context of wearable technology much more thoroughly.
In particular, I have loved the opportunity to explore invisible interfaces, in which clothing reacts to the body of the person wearing it, without the person having to consciously operate the technology. MakeFashion has provided a fantastic community of designers and technologists who have consistently pushed my artistic practice over the past four years,  and it has also given me the opportunity to have my works shown around the world – for which I’m very grateful!”

Kathryn Blair

On The Runway

To:gether | Designers: Kathryn Blair X Miss Velvet Cream | Model: Rachel Kieper | Hair: Kelsey Yule-ONE Beauty Academy | Makeup: Roseanne Aziz | Photography: Studio E Photography – Ernesto Augustus

To:gether | Designers: Kathryn Blair X Miss Velvet Cream | Model: Chelsea Heybloom | Hair: Kelsey Yule-ONE Beauty Academy | Makeup: Roseanne Aziz | Photography: Studio E Photography – Ernesto Augustus

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