White Light // Black Light

Laura Dempsey and Hannah Newton

What’s light is dark, and what’s dark is light.
Fusing tradition with technology, this piece explores ideas of illumination and interaction in surprising, counterintuitive ways.

Technical Information


The cape, skirt and blouse created for the White//Light dancer are embroidered and sewn with photoluminescent (glow in the dark) beads and thread. The garments’ luminescent properties are ostensibly hidden until they are exposed to the UV lights of the Black//Light dancer’s gloves.

Bedecked in a light-pulsing vest and UV gloves, the Black//Light dancer uses her gloves to reveal White//Light’s photoluminescence onstage. The more the two dancers interact, the more they become illuminated.

The Team

Laura Dempsey – Portfolio

Laura Dempsey is an award-winning designer and strategist who fuses tradition with technology and explores the boundaries of the human condition through FashionTech experimentations. Her work has been shown at CES, in Make: Magazine and the Adafruit blog, and at the 2015 Xiamen Fashion Week in Xiamen, China.

Hannah J. Newton – Portfolio

Hannah Newton is an artist and craftsperson with a deep knowledge and reverence for traditional handcrafting techniques. Her background in art and architecture allow her to bridge disciplines and push boundaries to create otherworldly beauty. Her custom leatherwork, Willower Wildcraft, is carried by women and men around the globe.

Studio Images

Photography: Zev Vitaly Abosh, PhotoArt4U

Photography: Zev Vitaly Abosh, PhotoArt4U

On The Runway

2015 Xiamen Fashion Week in Xiamen, China

2015 Xiamen Fashion Week in Xiamen, China

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