Deadline Extended – Submit a 2017 MakeFashion Project

The MakeFashion 2017 gala call for project submissions is now open. Our 2017 gala will debut in spring 2017 in Calgary, Alberta, and will feature work by leading designers, makers, and engineers.

Key Dates:

Submission deadline: September 1st 2016 Extension: September 15th 2016

Accepted applicants notified by September 30th, 2016

Contracts and fee deadline: October 15th, 2016

Full designer announced: October 30th, 2016.

Pre-existing pieces will also be accepted for the show and may receive funding for transportation, but do not receive material reimbursements. For more information on submitting an existing project contact

MakeFashion at MakerFaire Shenzhen 2015.

Modern Constellation by Maria Orduz Pinto. Photography by Kelly Hofer Studios

What are my benefits as a team/designer/engineer/maker?

Partial Cost of Materials
MakeFashion has partnerships with sponsors to provide fully or partially discounted materials. We will work with your teams to maximize benefits based on our current partners and sponsorships.

Flight and accommodation to our 2016 gala may be covered for international designers. International travel and expenses may also be covered for upcoming post-gala events.

Tech Support and Inspiration
Our team of experts help designers discover the technology needed to make their project. We provide support and expertise on the technology, you provide the imagination and vision.

Ownership of Work
MakeFashion has full access and title rights to the pieces for a year to showcase and promote MakeFashion at several high-profile international events. After the one-year contract is completed, teams retain full creative rights, credits, and ownership to their projects.

Access to Sponsors and Bursaries
MakeFashion projects have access to full and partial sponsorships and bursaries from our partners. While sponsorships are not guaranteed, in 2016 MakeFashion partnerships and sponsors provided cash and travel bursaries ranging from $500-$2000 per team.

International Exposure:
MakeFashion has been featured at international exhibits and media including NY Daily News, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, The National Post, and European media such as France 24 Coverage and other German and Spanish press. Many of our MakeFashion designers have received recognition, awards, and grants as a result of their participation in MakeFashion.

Media Coverage
Our shows and designers are widely covered by international and local media. MakeFashion designers have the opportunity to have their names and work featured on television, web and print media.

Marketing, Print, and Web Presence
Our team invests over400 hours annually into promotions and marketing. Designer benefits include web presence and photo galleries, print marketing, and online advertising.

Hair, Models, Photography, and Runway Creative Direction
The MakeFashion Gala isn’t just a runway show: it’s an exciting a performance show filled with drama and theatrics. We provide models, hair and makeup, and runway creative direction to ensure your piece is represented dramatically and beautifully. We also have a team of world-class photographers and videographers to professionally document your work.

What are my responsibilities as a team/designer/engineer/maker?

Creation of an Innovative High-Tech Fashion Piece
We have high expectations of our designers to create an innovative, high tech piece for our gala runway show. Submissions are competitive and must align to our high standard. Feel free to browse previous projects for inspiration.

One Year Exclusive Availability and Title Rights of Piece to MakeFashion
Teams are obligated to grant MakeFashion one year exclusive access to their submitted piece for additional showings and promotions of the MakeFashion brand. During this year, the MakeFashion name will be associated with the piece. We do our best to ensure your piece is not damaged during this time, but are not liable for damages and encourage pieces to be built to withstand travel and multiple wearings. After one year is completed, designers have full creative and material rights to their pieces including the right to sell work or display at other exhibitions.

Ticket Sales and Promotion
While our volunteer organizing team works hard to promote designers and our events, we are a collaborative non-profit and our designers are also responsible for promotion. Local designers are required to sell a quota of tickets to their friends, family, and network for our fundraisers and gala event.

Fundraiser Availability
MakeFashion hosts several fundraisers throughout the year. Team members are expected to attend fundraisers in their city (if applicable) as volunteers or as ambassadors to talk about their work.

$50 Fee
All selected designers are required pay a non-refundable fee of $50. This fee covers administrative costs, marketing fees, event logistics and costs of materials used by hair and makeup stylists for the runway show.

Availability and Communication
MakeFashion is a large-scale event, and there is a lot of communication and meetings leading up to the event. Designers are required to check our online communications and attend meetings and dress rehearsals. International and out-of-town designers are expected to attend via Skype and online collaboration.

MakeFashion at MakerFaire Shenzhen 2015.

Submission Requirements

Deadline Extension September 15th 2016

Submissions to MakeFashion are competitive and will be judged by an expert panel of industry experts, designers, engineers, and makers. Work will be judged based on creativity of work, technical innovation, and the experience of the team. Accepted applicants will be notified by September 30th, 2016 and contracts and deposit must be received by October 15th to be confirmed. Full designer list will be announced publicly and to media on October 30th.

There is no cost for submissions.

To be considered, all submissions must include:

– Team lead resume or CV.

– Three images (or links to web) of teams’ previous work.

– Team lead contact information: e-mail, phone number, address, website (optional), twitter (optional).

– Project title.

– List of team members: A list of confirmed team members and their skills/contributions.

– Required team members/experts/support: A list of required expertise and support required to complete your piece (note: for successful applications, we recommend you try to fill in as many skill and technology gaps as possible, but we will do our best to help or make introductions to experts in your area).

– Brief design overview: A brief 1-2 sentence description of the creative concept of the piece. This will be used on our web preview and PR materials and should be an inspiring “teaser” of your piece.

– Detailed creative and tech overview: An in-depth description of concept, materials, tech specifications, and requirements. The more researched an thorough your overview is, the more likely we are to accept your submission. We recommend researching the costs, timelines, and availability of your materials and requirements.

– Sketch of project: A sketch of your proposed project. (We use this as a “teaser” and for PR, so if possible please include a good quality scan on white paper)

Submissions should be submitted in .pdf form to in an e-mail titled: 2017 Submission: Name of Project

Multiple submissions may be entered by the same team. Please submit each project proposal as its own .pdf with all the above information included.

Stardancers by Catherine Larose. Photography by Ernesto Augustus – Studio E Photography

Apply to Join/Support a Team

Want to help out but don’t have a proposal or team? To apply as technical support, designer, maker, or a hacker, contact with your areas of interest and expertise. We will pair you with a team or designer.

Apply as a Student/Apprentice

Want to build your CV, learn about wearable technology and work with established artists? Each team will accept one volunteer student/apprentice to assist in building the piece. Apply at with your interests, past work, and availability.


Do you or your business want to support creativity and innovation? Become a sponsor to receive local and international recognition in print, web and media while getting VIP access to events. Contact for more information on sponsor benefits.

Apply as Performer/Model/Hair/Makeup

Casting for models and performers are held separately from project proposals. For specific questions on modeling, performance, hair, and makeup, contact

Apply as Media/Photographer

Casting for media, videographers, and photographers are held separately from project proposals. Contact for details.