Our Mission

MakeFashion Edu is an international non-profit working to promote learning through fashion and tech. Through hosting workshops; reach-out and push-in activities; and larger events, MakeFashion Edu sees providing access for young designers to go to industry and project-based learning as one way to pull local communities together.

Works curated for MakeFashion Edu: STEAM Runway Exhibition are the culminated works of individual designers, teams of designers, and the supporting community of educators, administrators, and local organizations. The goal is to provide access to young designers and mentors, often through crash courses in the application of STEAM and design skills that have participants to develop a base-level understanding of electricity, software engineering, hardware engineering, and design practices. Moreover, participation provides a learning experience in learning teamwork and collaboration, the redefinition of failure, and a litany of other soft skills that must be developed for each project to reach the runway.

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