MakeFashion Edu Season 2 High Tech Middle Lookbook

A mini-collection featuring the work of High Tech Middle in San Marcos!

MakeFashion Edu Season 1 Collection Book

Get a hardcopy of each project featured at our Season 1 Runways! 3 Runway shows from cities around the world, with tons of different prespectives and ways of creating fashion tech.

MakeFashion Edu Season 1 Collection Book (Asia)

If you are in Asia, and Amazon wants to charge you a lot of shipping, you can purchase the book here! We can send one out from our makerspace!


Inside you will find:

  • High res photos of every runway project
  • The student designers and schools
  • 128 pages, 8.25″ x 8.25″
  • Inspiration for your own students
  • The same projects we reference instructions for online

Made by Students

 These projects were designed and built by students. Many of the designs have gone on to be shared in other schools, and recreated by classes just starting up. This book presents them all in an easy-to-pass-around format!


Creating media is what makes it possible to spread this student platform beyond just a handful of schools. The photographers are the heroes of our outreach to communities around the world!

When your students start to create, make sure their creations make it online and into the screens of MakeFashion Edu fans!

Craig Massey and Blake Brown

Craig Massey and Blake Brown

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera

From Our Students

I want other people to feel how I feel, I want us to share, look at each other… and know that we are both free and happy.

-Michele Chan

MG Space

The pressure of making something real made us all really nervous and push to finish.

-Haley Massey