MakeFashion 5.0 Sneak Peek (Part 4)

Make Fashion 5.0 will be held on April 1st, 2017 at the TELUS Spark in Calgary, Alberta. We have our submissions in and teams are busy creating their intricate designs. Here’s our fourth (and last) sneak peek on a few more of the pieces that will be showcased at the gala and background on the makers behind the project.

1.Team: Little Dada

Project: “RE:familiar”

RE:familiar is an outfit that incorporates drones as modern day witch familiars. Quadcopters  carry a cape-like train around and above the wearer. It involves a bodysuit covered in bundled wires and fibre optics that resemble cables in a server room, which will glow softly. The cape resembles a pair of wings that are tethered to drones that follow the wearer who can control the drones.

Little Dada is a group of creative technologists based in Toronto whose work ranges from geometric installations to wearable technology. Their work has been featured in festivals, galleries, and publications around North America.

2.Team: Matt Laprairie and Alexandra Catrina

Project: “Draped”

Draped expresses the fluidity of fabric as it is framed over rigid shapes. The interior skeleton of Carbon fiber shapes the outer skin of light fabric that shrouds the form of the body. The carbon fiber will be cut and designed like lace with a light source emanating from underneath. This light source will shimmer through the outer layer in texture and light patterns. Sadly, we don’t have a sketch of Draped, so you’ll have to attend our awesome gala to be among the first to check out the dress!

Matt Laprairie is a Calgary born artist that integrates carbon fiber and fiber optics into his pieces and has designed multiple pieces for MakeFashion. Alexandra Catrina has had a successful independent modeling career and has landed the role of Lead Model for MakeFashion.

3. Team: Angela Dale

Project: “Rococo Glo” and “Beating Beauty”

Rococo Glo was displayed for the first time ever at Brothers “Back to Business” conference in Nashville in August 2016.  The dress is made with fiber optic fabric and LED jewels and will go through an upgrade for MakeFashion 5.0.

Beating Beauty is a soft glowing light display that has been design for the third annual Heart Truth fashion show in Calgary. The event aims to bring more awareness to heart health and women’s risk for cardiovascular diseases. The dress has a polar heart rate sensor that is wired to a number of LEDs programmed to pulse in time with the models heartbeat.

Angela Dale has been designing and building costumes and props for over 25 years. She has a background in theatre and art and has had her work displayed around the world.

Remember, MakeFashion 5.0 is the first time these pieces will be showcased, so make sure you get your tickets. Buy them here!

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