On June 11th Red Deer hosted it’s first Mini Maker Faire. MakeFashion brought a team of designers, engineers, and organizers to lead hands-on workshops, as well as a small showcase of our wearable tech projects.

“MakeFashion had a great day at the Red Deer Mini-Maker Faire on June 11, delivering wearable fibre optic accessory workshops! There were about 750 people at Red Deer College that day, which is pretty amazing considering it was Red Deer’s first year producing a Maker Faire. We talked to many young, aspiring fashion designers and engineers, as well as some amazing makers from Red Deer and neighboring cities. Leaving refreshed and inspired to make bigger and better creations, we are looking forward to hopefully hearing from some of our new maker friends in the coming year!”

– Catherine Larose, MakeFashion Artistic Director

“For me personally the best part was how smooth everything went. As for content, I think having big Maker exhibits from other cities added greatly. These being AIMBOT from Edmonton (big lego workshop area), and of course MakeFashion from Calgary. The amount of hand-on activities and the quality of them was amazing. Cardboard Fort was so much fun.”

– Jason Bedard, Red Deer / Calgary Mini-Maker Faire Organizer