Entries by MakeFashion Staff

Project Sneak Peek: Stardancers

Stardancers for MakeFashion is designed to tell a story, using technology as a central storytelling instrument. Using light manipulation, computer programming, music, dance, video and perfectly timed choreography, the performance tells a narrative about inspiration, collaboration, exponential growth, and human bonding.

Project Sneak Peek: Ex Machina

Ex Machina for MakeFashion is an entire costume serving as a way to create a cyborg alter ego that is beyond human both visually and in terms of movement and sound creation. Fibre optics, LED’s, micro controllers, accelerometers, proximity sensors, touch sensors, sound sensors, Bluetooth modules will be incorporated as decorative and performative elements.

Project Sneak Peek: Soft Power

Eric Boyd and Wendy Ng from Toronto, Canada present ‘Soft Power”, an exciting project for the MakeFashion 2016.

Soft Power explores the possibility of enhancing human expression by incorporating mechanical and electronic aposematism that can be activated either by biofeedback or manual control.