MakeFashion artists need your help to go to 2015 MakerFaire Shenzhen!

Our designer and engineering teams will be traveling to China from June 2-23, to imagine and create an interactive fashion show with locals for the 2015 Maker Faire Shenzhen! After being one of our sponsors for the 2015 MakeFashion show, Seeed Studio has offered MakeFashion an unmissable opportunity to work with them at their makerspace in Shenzhen. This will be an opportunity to showcase what we are creating and to discover and work with new materials to create stunning high fashion garments for the runway show.

To achieve this exciting goal and to make something outstanding, our teams need your support! We have launched an Indiegogo campaign with unique compensations including “thank you” customised postcards, handmade wearable tech products, VIP tickets for our next fashion show in 2016 and many others.

Your donations will help for producing a documentary: you will see all the behind the scenes activity (shopping trips, designs, fashion show, parties, etc…). You will also aid for covering flights of our artists and living costs in China and, of course, for acquiring components and electronic products to create unique outfits.

Our teams hope to make an impact on the global technology scene by showing the world and the 100,000+ people at the Maker Faire Shenzhen and what can come from the city of Calgary.

Click here to support MakeFashion to Shenzhen

Video: Paul Spenard