Call for Designer Proposals

Proposals are now closed. Stay tuned for info on our selected designers!
The MakeFashion initiative is a collaboration of great minds who want to demonstrate that the convergence of Technology and Art can result in a form, fashion and community brand new to Calgary. Creativity and innovation are the guiding principles to unit fashion, jewelry and accessories designers with software and hardware engineers. Along with technology enthusiasts, creatives and those that just simply like to engage in cultural experiments – all are invited to participate in the MakeFashion event series.
Beginning with a Launch Party in early April, followed by a series of Workshops on jewelry making, hats, shoes and handbags retrofitting and leather crafting. A Symposium of thought leadership of where Art and Technology can take us culturally and economically and the Grand Finale Fashion Show showcasing “best-in-breed” designers in mid-September. All materials “fashioned” will be using two main products, LED lights and wire filament.
The fashion show will feature 10-15 designers each showcasing a wearable art piece (the idea is one piece per designer, but your proposal can include multiple works if desired). The pieces will be curated by the MakeFashion committee based on quality of proposals. There will be a gallery show at Endeavour Arts after the runway show displaying the pieces and other opportunities with partnering festivals.
We have various resources available to designers, including technical assistance for the electronics, working space, and various tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers. More information about specific tools and resources will be shared at the next designers info meeting (date TBD) or by contacting us.
Each artist will receive a $500 artists fee and up to $1000 to cover materials (there are no rules against spending over this limit, but this is the maximum amount that will be sponsored). Proposals should include a detailed description of the piece (a drawing/sketch is ideal), a list of materials and costs, required resources (i.e.: tech assistance, laser cutter, etc.) and information about the concept of your work. Proposals can be sent in .pdf form to (Note: Proposals are now closed)
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  1. Patti Derbyshire
    Patti Derbyshire says:

    Hi Chelsea –

    Just found out about this program via Wendy at Yelp.

    I am part of a small Nawashi community in Calgary and would be interested in submitting a proposal that would integrate this traditional Geisha inspired rope art with a rope corseted garment, chainmaille and the led technology. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I am in Brazil until next week, but would like to get something together to submit for the competition upon my return.

    I am sorry I missed the orientations but what should be included in the proposals?

    Also, a question about the fashion show. Traditional Nawashi would include a performance to be tied into the ropes and displayed — is this something that you think the committee might consider (if we were successful) as a precursor to a conventional runway or as part of?

    This is an example. Hajime Kinoko is a celebrated Japanese Nawashi protagonist. Our style in Canada is different but it gives you an idea of what the performance looks like and how quickly it goes.

    I would be the designer and ‘flower’. My protagonist and I have been working together for some time now, so yes, I’m all bendy and flexible like that haha.

    Patti Derbyshire


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