Grace Siewert

Gracjana Siewert, grade 8, took inspiration from Polish legend Lajkonik to form her piece, Carousel. With a pre-existing interest in art, Grace took the opportunity to incorporate tech elements and simple machines to create an aurora of magic. Her creation is reminiscent of her childhood in Poland and her friends there. “I think Fashion is great. I can express myself. I can design, decorate, and invent the most beautiful creations.” Creating and presenting projects to larger audiences has provided opportunities for her to continue building her confidence as a creator and find likeminded people to collaborate with.



Grace Siewert

初二(grade 8)学生Grace Siewert设计的作品“旋转木马”灵感来自于波兰基督圣体节的传统(在这天,一个叫Lajkonik的男人打扮成东方的战士,骑着白色的木马在街道上游行。)Grace一直以来都对艺术很感兴趣,她正好抓住这次机会,加入技术元素和简单机械,创造出一个充满魔力的氛围。她的创作同时也是对她在波兰的童年和小伙伴的怀念。“我认为时尚很棒,我可以表达我自己,我可以设计、装饰和创造最漂亮的作品。”创作并向更多观众展示她的作品给了她机会不断地提高她作为一名创作者的自信心,也可以遇见更多志同道合的朋友。

by Nick Shriner