A Rainy Day in Tokyo


Lucas Li, grade 7, says: “When I was given the idea to add electronics to fashion, immediately thought of a rainy day I spent in Tokyo with my family. The rain came suddenly. I remembered watching this elegant lady in a kimono running from awning to awning, trying to keep her finely done hair from getting wet. I remember thinking to myself, only if she had an umbrella that had a moisture sensor, then she’d be warned the rain was coming.”  Lucas has created that umbrella with moisture sensor, as well as a handmade kimono-style rain coat from recycled plastics. Encouraging others to tinker and create, he has long found art and tech to be a powerful way for him to express his own thoughts and feelings.




七年级的Lucas Li说:“当我开始思考在时装中加入电子元素时,我立刻就想到了曾经在东京与家人一起度过的下雨天。那场雨来得很突然,我记得一位穿着和服的高雅的女士在一个接一个的雨篷下奔跑,尽量不让她精致的发型被雨水打湿。当时我就在想,如果她有一把装有湿度传感器的雨伞,她就能提前知道会下雨了。”所以Lucas创作了一把带有湿度传感器的雨伞,以及一件用回收塑料做成的和服风格的雨衣。他很久之前就已经发现艺术和技术是一种表达自己的思想和感受的绝佳方式,并且一直在鼓励其他人自己动手创造。

by Nick Shriner