Dragon Heart


There’s an old Chinese folktale, YeGongHaoLong, about a man who loved dragons. His love for dragons was so great that it caught the attention of the dragons themselves. But when the dragons descended to pay the old man a visit, he saw them and immediately yelped in fear, and ran away – forever fearing the thing he claimed to love. “Moral of the story: don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Be true to yourself”, says King Yao. Being true to yourself holds a lot of weight for both King and collaborators Daniel Zeng and Victor Ocengunda. When King and Daniel became aware that the inspiration and message for both their works were the same, they decided to collaborate on a single creative piece – symbolizing that there is space for individuality and collaboration when creating.



中国有一个古老的传说:叶公好龙,讲的是一个人非常喜爱龙的故事。他对于龙的喜爱强烈到引起了天上的真龙的注意。但是当龙下凡来拜访叶公的时候,他却在看到龙之后惊恐万分,转身就跑——从此他十分恐惧自己一直声称喜爱的东西。“这个故事告诉我们:不要假装成为一个不是你自己的人。对自己要诚实。”小设计师King Yao如是说。做真实的自己这一理念对King和他的小伙伴Daniel Zeng和Victor Ocengunda都十分重要。当King和Daniel意识到他们的作品灵感和想要传达的信息是相似的时候,他们决定合作完成这一件创意制作——这也意味着创作的时候,独立和协作都可行。

by Nick Shriner