Thirteen year old Hayle Massey has always been drawn to the ocean, its beauty, the life it contains, and the adventure it can hold. The inspiration for her ensemble is drawn from the desire to preserve the ocean we all share. Her skirt is meant to represent the naturally billowing movements of the ocean and the lights representing life. Parts of the skirt are constructed from up-cycled plastic bags. Hayle hopes her skirt inspires people to take part in preserving the beauty of our only ocean.



13岁的Hayle Massey一直对海洋深深着迷,海洋的美丽、它蕴含的生命和它承载的冒险经历都令她向往。她设计的整体服装的灵感来自于保护我们共有的海洋的心愿。她的短裙代表着自然翻腾的巨浪,裙上的灯光象征着生命。裙子的一部分是由升级改造的回收塑料袋制作而成的。Hayle希望她设计的裙子能激励人们参与保护我们仅有的美丽海洋。