Sassy Samba


“Who doesn’t like to have fun?” poses Sarah Moon. Designers Phyllis Yeh, Sarah Moon, and Star Wu (grade 5) immediately saw potential when they saw a giant bird Kindergartners had made. Reusing the paper feathers from the bird, the team transformed into another form – a Samba themed outfit – for fun. Devout makers, adept at weaving their academic learning into design, the team also believes in recycling and eliminating waste. Using a combination of imagination, craft, and tech skills, a majority of their piece has been made from re-used and recycled materials. With it, the team hopes to create an atmosphere of positivity and excitement through their Samba costume.




“谁不想玩得开心呢?”Sarah Moon如是说。五年级的设计师Phyllis Yeh、Sarah Moon、和Star Wu在看到幼儿园孩子们做的巨型鸟后决定了他们要完成的作品:再利用鸟身上的纸质羽毛,制作成为一个全新的形式——一件桑巴主题的外衣——纯粹为了好玩!认真的创客们熟练地将他们学习到的知识运用到设计中,并始终坚持对资源的重复利用和减少浪费。他们的作品很大一部分都是使用回收再利用的材料,其中融合了他们的想象力、手工艺和技术技能。通过这件桑巴时装作品,组员们希望能营造一种积极向上、充满激情的氛围。

by Nick Shriner