The Royal Donuts


Through the study of texture, students took inspiration from American artist Wayne Thiebaud. His textured paintings that focused on cakes and desserts spawned the idea for this team’s creation. It was finally Disney’s Cookie Carnival Symphony that helped the young designers solidify their idea of the Royal Donut Court with Donut Queen and Donut King. The effort has involved a team of mixed ages – from grade 1 to 8, and their collaborative efforts have proved fruitful as they worked through concept creation, design, revision, and final works.



在学习各种不同材质的过程中,学生们从美国艺术家伟恩·第伯(Wayne Thiebaud)的作品中汲取了灵感。他充满质感的蛋糕和甜品画作为这组作品带来了创意想法。最终,小设计师们在看完迪士尼的动画短片《曲奇饼狂欢节》后坚定了他们设计一对甜甜圈王后和国王的皇家甜甜圈组合的想法。小组中的设计师们年龄各异,从一年级到初二年级都有,他们共同努力一起完成了概念创作、设计、修改和最终成型,取得了丰盛的成果。