Category: Profiles

Linda Jie Ming

Lead, Sponsor Outreach Manager Linda Jie Ming is dedicated to the educational culture exchange...

Candice Massey

Lead STEAM Runway Producer A natural born teacher with passion for shaping children’s artistic...

Luke Henderson

Lead STEAM Runway Music and Lighting Producer Luke Henderson hails from the Manchester, England...

Michael Shaw

Program Developer. Michael will be visiting Shenzhen starting in 2018 as part of the collaboration between Makefashion Edu and to empower creative people all around the world to improve their lives and their communities through arts, science, and technology.

Benjamin “James” Simpson

Program Developer for MakeFashion Edu, James develops initial program offerings to groups and institutions. During the student project phase, James supports teachers with technical and souring support. During Runway shows, James manages the stage construction.

Carrie Leung

Director of MakeFashion Edu. Carrie envisioned the first ever program, and rallied the entire community to create the experience. She is in charge of her school’s makerspace, and has built a community extending outside of it to support all of our mini Makers.