MakeFashion Spotlight: Celebrate

MakeFashion Spotlight is an insider’s look on our 2014 gala pieces. Follow us as we showcase each of our designers and the inspiration and technology behind their work. Photos by Andras Schram.

Genene Grant was originally from Comox, BC and moved to Calgary 14 years ago, attracted to the energy of the city and positive vibes of the people living here.

“I started combining technology with costuming 12 years ago when I was attending different music festivals and wanted to be noticed at night. Most projects I work on combine fur and light, but I also love to work with leathers, feathers, and other sparkly mediums. I am most known for my glowing animal hoods. I am a music lover. I often hear a track that inspires me to make a piece that complements the music. My focus has always been having clothing that I can dance in, that is still a show piece.

This is my first year with MakeFashion, I found out about it last year when my fan base sent me links to the incredible show that was put on last year.


fashion photography by andras schram 46


This year I combined talents with the owner of Synthesia and created some truly unique items. The technology was LED based, with the emphasis on addressable LED’s to really create a show. I wanted to create something that was truly wearable, with lots of stretch and colour. The main dress took about 2 drafts before it was complete.

The title “Celebrate” comes from I Just Want to Celebrate” Rare Earth Remix by Stickybuds. I chose it because every time I hear it I want to dance, and that is the focus I have on my clothing, to be able to dance the night away in celebration.”

To see more of my work, I have a page set up on Facebook:

-Genene Grant is a first-time designer for the MakeFashion 2014 Gala in Calgary, AB.


The 2014 MakeFashion gala brought to you by OnConference in March 2014 had over 400 attendees and showcased an inspiring collection of local and international wearable technology. E-mail for information on how to become involved as a volunteer, designer, tech enthusiast, or sponsor.

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