At the end of a successful 2017 gala, we’d like to thank Zyris Software for their dedicated support and sponsorship of our event. As MakeFashion grows into an international leader at the intersection of wearable technology and fashion, we rely on the support of our partners and sponsors to help us improve our processes and extend our reach.

This year, Zyris helped MakeFashion organizers improve planning and logistics by guiding the documentation of the entire process of our show. This new documentation process allowed us to record everything from conceptual ideation to the moment each fashion piece entered the runway. Zyris’ direction allows MakeFashion organizers to identify problems faster, increase the quality, and improve the overall reliability of the MakeFashion show because show staff now have more time to fix problems before they arise. Most importantly, these new centralized organizational processes help us as we grow MakeFashion Fashion from a small local fashion show to global event with international recognition.

In addition, Zyris’ pre-show engineering and technical support was instrumental in ensuring that some of our pieces made it to the runway. Their technical knowledge and guidance, enabled our fashion technology designers to quickly identify problems then address them with pivotal solutions. Their dedication and adherence to quality helped us ensure that the show was a success.

Additionally, Zyris is developing a custom cloud-enabled hardware system with a goal to reduce the engineering complexity for our designer and engineering teams.

MakeFashion has been working with Zyris for over two years. In 2016, Zyris contributed in 2016 by sponsoring couture designer Kiki Beletskaia and provided proprietary technology for their runway garments. The company also joined us in 2017 at CES in Las Vegas with FashionWare.

Zyris specializes in the research, design and development of cutting-edge technology. Their motto, “Helping ideas manifest, from the chip to the cloud and everything in-between,” makes them an ideal partner, and contributes to MakeFashion’s high-standards that our events aim to achieve.

As we continue to push MakeFashion to the next level, we look forward to continue innovating with Zyris! For more information on Zyris or to get in touch with them about a technology project please click here.