MakeFashion 5.0 Best Dressed

MakeFashion 5.0 was an unbelievable night of community, love, and wearable tech. The dedication our teams put into creating some truly stunning pieces was inspiring. Attending the gala really reinforced that MakeFashion is a community of creatives – be it fashion, tech, make-up, or hair- who support one another. Not only do we as a team support one another, but we also get tremendous support of Calgarians who prioritizes events like ours. It was wild to think that after 8+ months worth of work the night just flew by.

One of the biggest show stoppers of the night was one of our most handsome and furriest models, Bentley. Bentley was a great big husky that strutted the runway in a collar that was linked to the dresses of the models with him. In close proximity with Bentley, their dresses would turn blue. As amazing as all the pieces were, it’s hard to compete with man’s best friend.

I was tucked away in the audience watching the show and it was an exhilarating feeling watching the reactions from the crowds for the first time. There were looks of wonder, shock, and amazement as models graced the runway in elaborate outfits. There were also some pretty amazing outfits off the runway too, so here are a few of the coolest outfits I saw at the gala:
photo by: Vian Esterhuizen

Jewel, Iryna, and Christal (left to right)

It was the flowers that caught my eye when I saw these three ladies chatting I knew I had to talk to them. I’m getting a Frida Kahlo meets Great Gatsby vibe from them. It was Iryna’s first time at the gala but the other two had attended last year’s show.

Favorite dress:

J: “Medusa Fabulosa” by Angela Dale

I:  “Lumen Couture 2.0″ by Lumen Couture

C: True North by Phi: Illuminated Designs and “Rebelle” Virtually Vogues STEAMpunks collection

Shawna and Dianna

These two sisters were rocking some of the creative outfits (do they not look like knights?)  and are some of our most dedicated fans, attending the show every single year. The cool thing about their outfits is that Dianna actually makes them all herself her corset she’d been working on and off for the last four years.

Favorite outfit?

S: “True North” by Phi: Illuminated Designs and “Double Vision” by Erina Kashihara

D: “Lumi” by Maria Orduz Pinto and “Rebelle” from Virtually Vogues STEAMpunks collection



So, of course, I had to talk to Candace after I saw her outfit. Not only was she super cool to talk to but she’s also crazy talented, this dress she made herself I wonder how many googly eyes it took to make the dress?

Favorite outfit?

C: “The Matriarch Speaks” by Indi City but she was also a fan of any dress that reacts to music or uses fiber optics


This sharply dressed man was Candace’s partner. Cool outfits attract cool outfits, eh? But after I complimented his shirt he told me Candace made it. Also, note Candace’s rad tights in the background!

Favorite outfit?

B: “True North” by Phi: Illuminated Designs and “The Matriarch Speaks” by Indi City



Juliana looked like a princess in her gorgeous blue dress which her father and her created for her prom! Can you imagine dancing in something so perfect! Juliana was actually helping her father, who works for Soul Robotics, out backstage on Angela Dale’s pieces.

Favorite outfit?

J: STEAMpunks collection by Virtually Vogue

Cecilia and Sasha

A hat that lights up and Snapchats spectacles, of course, I had to talk to them. This was their first time at MakeFashion and they loved the show! They were excitedly telling me that they made the hat together and hope to incorporate more tech into their outfits.

Favorite outfit?

C: “Geometrical Jewel” by Erina Kashihara

S: “Re:familiar” by Little Dada

Jillian, Vlad, Colin, and Rose

I thought this group of friends added wearable tech thoughtfully throughout their outfits. Just a touch of light on each of their pieces.

Favorite outfit?

J: “True North” by Phi:Illuminated Designs

V: “Lumen Couture 2.0” by Lumen Couture

C: loved them all equally

 R: Cosmic Carbon’s collection

Agung and Jean Michel

So I not so secretly love when people match, so of course, I had to stop these two. A super cool thing about their outfits is they were created by Jean Michel (who is a designer) and the patterns on the top/bottom are a reflection from the bow that he took and printed onto fabric. So many creative people in this city!

Favorite outfits?

A: “Medusa Fabulosa” by Angela Dale

JM: “True North” by Phi:Illuminated Designs



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