Zyris Software understands what fashion tech is about

Calgary is maybe not known so much for Technology or Fashion, but in spite of that MakeFashion has become a world leader in Fashion Technology, because in the end it’s the people that make the difference. Zyris first came to our show it was obvious that they immediately understood MakeFashion – and immediately had ideas for how to make a difference. It is this kind of passion and collaboration that makes magic happen.

But the part that really showed that they understood MakeFashion was the collaboration between Zyris and local designer Stephanie Krause, when they came to the show sporting a brand new fashion tech garment that they made together. In the weeks preceding the show they demonstrated creativity, collaboration and innovation. The documented the process here – watch the video (it’s pretty long) but it is the best example I can think of to demonstrate how the Zyris team goes above and beyond.

When you’re trying to change the world, it’s important that you have partners that are aligned with your vision, Zyris has been one of those for us.

Thank you.

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