MakeFashion recently had the pleasure of showcasing at Seattle’s Mini Maker Faire on September 16th. The FashionTech show, organized by Sophy Wong and Chelsea Klukas, showcased 3 MakeFashion garments alongside local wearables from Seattle designers including Amber Lundy and Jennifer Biladau.

After the event, the team presented at the ARM Open Mic night to showcase to the Seattle IoT community on the intersection of fashion and technology.

The event featured “Affinity”, a dress that responds to proximity, and “Lumier Atelier” light-up sequin event dresses.

Designers: Maria Elena Hoover (MakeFashion), Chelsea Klukas (MakeFashion), White Wolf Creations (MakeFashion), Amber Lundy, Jennifer Biladau, Anatika, Amiti, and Agnes.

Photography by Christopher Abbas (Giant Killer Pandas), Styling by Bijan Mitchell and Fiona Kraus, Modeling by Constanze Villines Arlene Martin Eun Hye Lee Remeicka Munroe, Gia Conteur, Jennifer Biladau, Production by Sophy Wong (YouTube Channel), Chelsea Klukas ( and Christopher Corner (Onconference Conference Calling).

Thanks to Seattle Mini Maker Faire for having us at your event!