Calgarian Arts & Technology Shine at International CES

Calgary-based MakeFashion made a big impression on the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) runway in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is the world’s largest consumer technology show with over 150,000 attendees. MakeFashion founders Shannon Hoover, Maria Hoover, and Chelsea Klukas and designer Angela Dale were in attendance for the FashionWare wearable technology event on January 9th 2014.

Laura Dempsey’s motion-sensitive illuminated dress made a big impact on the audience as the dress lit up to the model’s movements (view the video).


Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1.59.15 PM

Angela Dale’s Chameleon Cocktail was the subject of many photographs and media attention. All pieces in the CES show were originally showcased in February 2013 at Endeavor Arts Gallery in Calgary along with five other local designers.



Photo credit: Britta Pedersen

MakeFashion – Vlad Lavrovsky “Nebula” necklace. Photo credit: Britta Pedersen

Discovery Channel host Ziya Tong wore the illuminated “Nebula” necklace by designer Vlad Lavrovsky.

Other innovations showcased in the runway show included fitness accessories for tracking jump height, FashionTeq smart jewellery and morphing colour couture by Rainbow Winters.

Wearable technology was prominent in the 2014 CES show from fitness accessories to automotive assistance. MakeFashion is honoured to have been invited to showcase among international leaders and hopes to continue to elevate arts and technology in Calgary.

The 2014 MakeFashion runway show on March 1st sponsored by OnConference will feature over 12 new wearable technology pieces, including new works from Angela Dale, Vlad Lavrovsky, and Laura Dempsey. A Techburlesque fundraiser featuring tech-inspired costumes will take place at Endeavor Arts on January 17th. (Tickets available here). MakeFashion is based in Calgary, Alberta but intends to tour and showcase internationally after the March 1st gala. For information on hosting a MakeFashion event contact


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NUTV Covers MakeFashion 2013 Launch

Thanks to everyone who attended our successful launch. We had a great time announcing our 2014 artists. For those of you who missed the launch, we have now posted our 2014 designers and will be posting sneak peeks of the projects in the new year!

NUTV covered our launch, check it out here:

High Tech Millinery El Wire Workshop: November 24th

Try your hand at some high tech hat making – bring your own hat or use ours – we supply the technology.

Hat & EL-Wire kit $50
If you bring your own tie or hat $25 ea

All proceeds go towards the MakeFashion Gala and 2014 designers.

Reserve your spot now!

Shannon and Maria Hoover win Top 40 Under 40 Award.

MakeFashion Co-Founders Shannon and Maria Hoover were recently awarded with Avenue Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 award.

Avenue Calgary‘s Top 40 Under 40 celebrates Calgarians under the age of 40 who excel in their respective fields, give back to their community and raise the profile of the city.

See the Avenue article here.

2014 Designers Announced!

We are excited to announce our designers for the 2014 gala.

The gala runway show celebrating wearable technology will take place in Calgary, AB. Venue TBA. Tickets available December 2013.

Our designers were announced at our launch event. Learn about our 2014 designers here.

MakeFashion 2014 Launch Event

UPDATE: The event has been rescheduled to Tuesday Oct 8th – hope to see you there!

MakeFashion, a collaborative initiative dedicated to exploring the convergence of fashion and technology, is thrilled to announce the 2014 MakeFashion Gala Launch Event.

Designers, artists and performers from Calgary and across the globe who are participating in the January, 2014 Gala and Runway Show will be announced during the cocktail reception. The evening will also feature a silent auction and live performances.

Draws and Prizes
Silent auction
Live Performances
And a great party!

Tickets are $20 and will not be sold at the door. E-mail for tickets or visit our event on facebook here.

Wearable Technology – the Future is Coming

Confused by what wearable technology is, or how it might impact your life?  Here’s a great PBS Video on the subject!  Enjoy:

Looking for Design Innovators!

People often ask me why wearable technology matters; perhaps the assumption being that putting blinky lights on an outfit might be a cool fad, but it doesn’t go much beyond that.  Well, that’s not the whole story by far!

We are currently engaged in a mobile technology revolution, but as we are also in a time of exponential technology advancement it means that the next revolution is just around the corner.  There have been advancements in processing power, reductions in size, improvements in power consumption and innovations in battery technology – all of these things converging means that technology as we know it will begin to disappear, both in physical size and interface; and by doing so it will begin to integrate seamlessly and invisibly into our lives.  Even now computing is shifting away from ‘devices’ and into everyday objects, and equipped with sensors these objects are beginning to gather information and provide value to our lives.

Alongside the disruption of computing we’re seeing huge changes in materials – 3d printing is happening on a micrometer scale allowing for the creation of incredibly detailed weaving of plastics and metals, and many new futuristic and meta-materials are on the horizon as well – everything from light as air insulators like aerogels to products that bend light around objects.

The most amazing thing of all is that these advancements are happening at once, converging on us from all directions which will inevitably lead to huge changes in the way we live and interact with the world around us.

Here’s a great video of designer Laura Dempsey’s piece, modeled by the always graceful Sara Bella!

And 10 new materials, coming to you from the future!


2014 Call for Submissions

MakeFashion is looking for designers for our 2014 show!

MakeFashion is Calgary’s fashion and tech festival. The gala runway show is scheduled for January 2014.  To see previous events, see our 2013 gala wrap-up or our video of the event here.

MakeFashion is looking for designers, artists, and tech enthusiasts to participate in the event. Applicants can be individual designers or teams. (for teams, please provide one point of contact per team)

Whether you’re an established fashion designer looking to expand your horizons, an up-and-coming creative, or a digital genius: MakeFashion is the opportunity to showcase your creativity and ingenuity.

If you don’t have a team already formed, we will work with you to create a team. We have a number of committed individuals who are passionate about making ideas come to life!


Applications should be in digital .pdf form and include:

-Piece title

-Brief artist/team biography and previous works (also include website if applicable)

-Description of design, concept and sketch of finished piece

-Outline of materials, resources, and approximate budget required


If you are an individual looking to join a team, a proposal isn’t necessary, please list your skills/interests and we will pair you with a team.

Designers/teams will receive a $500 artists fee and compensation of all materials up to $1000 per piece. Artists are eligible to discounts on certain materials ordered through the MakeFashion organization. Applications are competitive and will be reviewed based on creativity and innovative use of materials.


Applications should be sent in .pdf form to and are due Wednesday May 1st at 8:00PM


In order to answer questions and go over ideas we will be scheduling info sessions over the next few weeks.  If you’re interested in attending or meeting separately just email us and we’ll arrange it.

The next info session is:

Monday April 15, 6 – 7pm at Endeavor Arts: 1209 1st St SW. Suite 200.

Feel free to bring your preliminary concepts. We will help you build your proposal and answer any questions about the submissions process. We will also go over the materials and possibilities and provide examples and inspiration, so this session is highly recommended for application success.




Can I have multiple pieces in the show?

Each designer/group is welcome to have as many pieces as they’d like in a series: however the artists fee and material compensation remain the same. Each proposal should adhere to one title/concept. Artists are welcome to submit multiple proposals and work with multiple teams.


What if my piece requires over $1000?

You are welcome to go above and beyond $1000, but $1000 is the maximum that MakeFashion will compensate per project.


What are my responsibilities/rights as a designer?

You designer contract gives you full ownership of your work and intellectual property. MakeFashion reserves the right to use your piece (when reasonably available) for showcasing and promoting the event for a time period of one year after the 2014 runway show. After this, you have full ownership of the piece and the rights to sell or repurpose it. MakeFashion reserves the right to use photography and video of the pieces for the promotion of MakeFashion. Designers are also responsible for assisting in promotion and ticket sales of the gala event and fundraisers.


I’m a designer but I have no idea how to integrate technology into my work.

No problem, part of MakeFashion is that we pair you with Calgary’s tech/maker community to give you the support you need. In your application please outline your skills  and the missing pieces: we will pair you with a tech-savvy partner who will help you make your dreams come to life! (Some sharing of artists fees may be applicable)


I have a concept, but I don’t know if it’s possible to execute or what materials and budget I’ll need.

Our designers information sessions on March 11th and March 16th will allow you to talk to our team and get an idea of the materials, skills, and resources you will need to make your project happen. We will work with you to build a team.


I’m not a designer or an ideas person, but I’d love to help with sewing/technology/materials/etc.

Contact us and we will pair you with a designer/team: we’d love to have your help!


I’m a performer/model/dancer/makeup artist and would like to be involved.

Contact us and we will pair with you a team or designer.


I already have a wearable technology product in market: can I still apply?

For the 2013 runway show applications we are focusing on new projects and pieces. But we will have a place for showcasing pre-existing product lines. Contact us and we can discuss a way to feature your work at one of our events.


Applications should be sent in .pdf form to and are due Wednesday May 1st at 8:00PM



Gala Wrap-Up

Wow! What a night!

Our first Gala and Runway show was an amazing night. Our event sold out days before the show and our fabulous designers amazed the audience with their skill and creativity.

Designer Kyle Nylund's "Grandstand" features performer Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz in a two-hoop performance. Photo: Jeff McDonald Photography

Designer Kyle Nylund’s “Grandstand” features performer Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz in a two-hoop performance. Photo: Jeff McDonald Photography


The show began with performances from La Gogue and Hoop Around. The go-go dancers sported light-up corsets and glowing hula-hoops as they warmed up the audience for the evening. Throughout the event, served their signature Make Cocktail molecular cocktails selections.

The runway show began with Ferro Fuse by Melissa Skowron and Casey Hughes, showcasing beautiful jewellery infused with ferrofluid technology. Maria Orduz’s runway piece was next, a gown enhanced with sparkling LEDs that brought to mind a sky full of stars.  Night Envy followed with exciting club wear including light-up fedoras, ties, and apparel. Vlad Lavrovsky’s Synthesia launched a never-before-seen innovative wearable accessory, appropriately matched with an upbeat soundtrack and light show.

Laura Dempsey amazed the audience with her motion-sensitive runway dress. Designed with a dancer in mind, the dress responded to the dancer’s movements as she danced and leaped across the runway.

Laura Dempsey's motion-sensitive dress. Photo: Zev Vitaly Abosh for Fashionsign Magazine

Laura Dempsey’s motion-sensitive dress. Photo: Zev Vitaly Abosh for Fashionsign Magazine


Kath Blair’s mood-sensitive garment took the stage next, followed by Angela Dale’s awe-inspiring “Chameleon Cocktail Dress”. Both dresses were a hit with the crowd and photographers as they showcased the exciting capabilities of programmable LED strips within clothing.

Angela Dale's Chameleon Cocktail dress was synched to the music and fully-programmable. Photo: Jeff McDonald.

Angela Dale’s Chameleon Cocktail dress was synched to the music and fully-programmable. Photo: Jeff McDonald.


The next segment of the show featured an unexpected live keyboard/vocal performance to launch the “Dori” shine collection jewellery designed by Dorian Kominek. As the singer  proclaimed “shine bright like a diamond”, Dorian’s models walked the runway with beautiful light-up earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Kyle Nylund continued the performance theme with a breathtaking show by hoop artist Geoffery Szuszkiewicz. Kyle’s piece featured hand-dyed fabric, leather and a primal headdress contrasted with a two high-tech hoops that seemed to multiply as they spun.

The finale of the show was a third piece from the Night Envy team from designers Betsy Hinze, Felicity Hard, Carsen Kendall, Vlad Lavrovsky and Shawn Grover. A regal figure in a ball gown appeared on the runway paired with two male models. The crowd cheered as the models ripped off their shirts to reveal luminescent “tattoos” across their chess. This edgy and innovative finale left everyone with a smile on their face as the models and designers walked the runway for a final bow.

Fairytales come to life with Night Envy's performance. Photo credit: Zev Vitaly Abosh/Fashionsign magazine.

Fairytales come to life with Night Envy’s performance. Photo credit: Zev Vitaly Abosh/Fashionsign magazine.


Huge thanks to everyone who attended the event: we hope you had as much fun watching as we did putting it on! The pieces from the runway show will be on display at events throughout the year: keep checking our website or like us on facebook to keep in the loop.

Another huge thanks to our sponsors and community partners:  Awesome Foundation CalgaryVictoria Park BRZ, WestJet,, Chelsea Klukas Creative, 22nd Century Social Club, Beakerhead, Yelp, Calgary 2012Endeavor Arts, Evolved ProductionsProtospace, EGroup Canada furniture, Ingenuity Couture, La Gogue, Hoop Around, and Make3d!

We would also like to thank Solarbotics for all of their technical help, Designing on the EdgeArti CAL and Personalize it Fashion for their garment expertise.  Thanks to Ben Reed for his late nights with the laser cutter, Arielle Land for her tweeting expertise, Kevin Loney for his beautiful box making expertise, Vlad Lavrovsky for going above and beyond with his help on the catwalk and lightwall (the lightsmabob!) and Jason Bedard for volunteer help.

We also couldn’t do it without our amazing volunteers – thanks everyone!

Thanks again Calgary for your support, we can’t wait to start planning for next year!

See more photos of the event at these galleries:

Zev Vitaly Abosh for FashionSign

Jeff McDonald

Faby Martin

Anthony Yuen


We will have more photos and videos to share soon!