Video: MakeFashion 2016 by Standout Publications

Thanks Standout Publications for attending our 2016 gala and the fantastic video coverage of the event.

Thank you for an amazing 2016 Gala!

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2016 Gala. It was an incredible event, made possible by the support of an incredible team of volunteers, designers, and stylists.

Stay tuned for image galleries, videos, and detailed descriptions of our 2016 projects. In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for updates.

Photography by Michael Sturgeon

Project Sneak Peek: Nexxus

Fashion is that one thing that helps us express who we are, for ages and throughout cultures, fashion has defined our personalities. The two dresses represent the connection among women of different generations.

Twitter Contest: Win 2 Tickets to the MakeFashion Gala!

Want to attend the 4th annual MakeFashion Wearable Tech Gala in Calgary for free? Enter to win two tickets to the event. All you have to do is tell us what project you’re most excited to see!

How to enter:

Check out our 2016 project previews here.

Tweet about which piece you’re most excited to see (either the project name or a link) and tag @makefashionCA.

We will randomly select a winner via draw on March 26th 2016.

Each tweet is eligible for one entry, one tweet permitted per day.

See our 2016 project previews!


Contest winner will receive 2 standing tickets for the 2016 MakeFashion Gala in Calgary, Alberta. Tickets can be transferred, but are not eligible to be redeemed for cash value.

Project Sneak Peek: Musethereal

Angie C, a Calgary-based singer-songwriter and musician with an educational background in Neuroscience presents “Musethereal” a project showcasing the interrelation between music and consciousness. During the MakeFashion Gala, Angie will perform her debut single, ‘City in the Sky’, while wearing a brainwave controlled LED dress that will light up and change colour according to what is happening in her brain. The runway will also feature four Psyleron Mind Lamps, which will show the cohesiveness of consciousness in the room with an interactive light display.

Project Sneak Peek: Mimic

Sahrye Cohen and Hal Rodriguez are pleased to submit a thrilling project for the 2016 MakeFashion Gala!

Mimic is a Chameleon dress, changing colors in reaction to the environment. The dress uses sensors to measure object colors, changing the color of the dress through LED lights on 3D printed motifs. The wearer of the garment controls the color through the use of color swatches.

Project Sneak Peek: Lumen Couture

We are thrilled to announce Illuminated Textiles, a project for our 2016 gala by Chelsea Klukas and Chris Corner!

Illuminated Textiles will utilize projection mapping to create a garment alive with light and motion. The project is designed by Chelsea Klukas, MakeFashion C0-Founder, engineered Chris Corner, featuring animations from illustrator Michael Mateyko of KOMBOH. The team has been broadcasting lifestream video of works in progress on Twitch and YouTube.

Project Sneak Peek: Matt LaPrairie

We are excited to announce a new collection from returning designer Matt LaPrairie to be showcased at our 2016 Gala.

Obscure Shadow for MakeFashion is a collection of outfits that will show the five elements: earth, wind, fire and water. Each garment will be created using a combination of carbon fiber, fiber optics and electronics.

Matt has previously showcased in our 2015 MakeFashion gala with the Obscure Shadow Collection.

Project Sneak Peek: Kathryn Blair x Miss Velvet Cream

Kathryn Blair, Ryan Blair and Miss Velvet Cream are pleased to submit a thrilling project for the 2016 MakeFashion Gala!

To:gether is a collection of garments that will explore how new technologies influence how we communicate with each other. The team will use EEG headsets, SEEED Xadow Rephone, lights and Raspberry Pi.

Video: Livestream “Work in Progress” Highlights

We recently live streamed the “making of” Illuminated Textiles – a projection-mapped dress that features pico projection technology concealed in a hat. Watch MakeFashion Co-Founder Chelsea Klukas and Chris Corner test out v1 of the prototype.