Wearable Roundups

We live in a world where technology completely engulfs us, we’re never too far from our smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Critics have claimed that this is a bad thing, that we’re too attached to our devices, but tech enthusiasts and innovators are trying to entwine technology more seamlessly (get it??) into our lives. Wearable technology is advancing daily and it’s getting faster, smarter, smaller, and less noticeable.

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Hello [MakeFashion], is it me you’re looking for?

Hello! My name is Mary, and I am the new-ish intern for MakeFashion. I am also entering my fourth year of journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary. I’ve been a storyteller all my life,  which made my decision to study journalism a very natural one. Through my four years of uni I have learned how to develop stories through various creative mediums. My favourite being video!

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FashionTech in Nashville

The MakeFashion recently travelled to Nashville to produce a runway show for Brother’s “Back to Business” conference. At the forefront of technology and design, we showcased our work to demonstrate what can happen when sewing and technology come together.

MakeFashion and Lumen Couture on the Creator’s Project

Lumen Couture, a self-contained projector hat by Chris Corner and Chelsea Klukas featured in our 2016 gala, was recently featured on The Creator’s Project by Vice Media.

The Creators Project is a global celebration of creativity, arts and technology. Launched in 2009 with Intel as founding partner, the platform features the works of visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression.

Canadian International Fashion Film Festival

MakeFashion will be showcasing at the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival on July 22nd and 23rd.

The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF) is a platform and event that engages, exciting directors, artists, new and established  talent, advertisers, designers, producers, fashion industry leaders and audience. The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival will showcase and support the diverse medium and visionary talent through impactful, cutting edge storytelling.

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Video: Absolut x MakeFashion

Take a look at highlights from our 2016 wearable tech runway show, behind-the-scenes, and interviews with designers and founders. Huge thanks to Absolut Canada for their continued sponsorship of MakeFashion and the maker community.

MakeFashion at Red Deer Mini Maker Faire

On June 11th Red Deer hosted it’s first Mini Maker Faire. MakeFashion brought a team of designers, engineers, and organizers to lead hands-on workshops, as well as a small showcase of our wearable tech projects.

MakeFashion in Les Assorties

Learn about our origins, our creative process, and our future in a joint interview with Shannon Hoover, Maria Hoover, Chelsea Klukas, and Catherine Hazin:

MakeFashion began as a side project between a trio of Calgarian friends in June 2012 with the aim to explore the potential of bridging the gap between fashion and cutting-edge electronics. The show introduces designers, engineers, and makers to the exciting world of wearables through a series of informative, designer-lead workshops. During these four years, the show has produced over 30 wearable tech garments, and showcased annually at their own gala in Calgary, Canada, and at over 20 international events in fashion capitals such as New York, Rome and Shenzhen.

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MakeFashion in Make: Magazine

We’re heading to Paris, and are featured in Make: Magazine. Check it out!

“Certainly, our designers range from high fashion to performance and costume pieces, and we like to encourage diversity, but we will definitely be bringing more of the fashion pieces to Paris!”

Makers to Redefine Fashion at Maker Faire Paris