Wearable Roundups

We live in a world where technology completely engulfs us, we’re never too far from our smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Critics have claimed that this is a bad thing, that we’re too attached to our devices, but tech enthusiasts and innovators are trying to entwine technology more seamlessly (get it??) into our lives. Wearable technology is advancing daily and it’s getting faster, smarter, smaller, and less noticeable.

It feels like every time I search up something on wearable technology there are new advances, new ideas that push the boundaries of innovation a bit more. Who knew 10 years ago that a watch could double up as a phone? Wearable technology is growing and making the lives of people easier, healthier, and safer.

At times it can really get overwhelming keeping up with whats the new in this huge digital world we live in. So this blog will be posting weekly ‘wearable roundups, ’ in hopes of keeping up to date in all things wearable tech. The purpose is simple to talk everything tech related, what’s new in the wearable world, any cool events that pop up, or notable people in the industry. Expect to catch up on wearables every Wednesday (fingers crossed), and feel free to share your opinions in the comments!

Till next week!


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