New Year, New [Tech]

January. A time for new beginnings, new resolutions, and new gym memberships. A time where the gyms are packed with people hoping to lose their holiday weight gain and become a healthier version of themselves. Wearable tech has become an asset to people who are serious about the gym. Fitness trackers have grown from cheap and simple step trackers to devices that can monitor your heart and track your sleep. Here are a list of the best wearable gadgets for getting in shape.

  1. Fitbit Charge 2: If you’re looking for a simple fitness tracker Fitbit Charge 2 to track your overall well being, Fitbit Charge 2 is on of the most recommended products on the market. It tracks steps, runs, and sleep- through the app- and also tracks the heart rate, monitors resting heart rate, and rates VO2 Max. It’s also waterproof!
  2. Misfit Ray: If style is important to you this stylish and sleek tracker is something you should consider. The discreet tracker offers steps and sleep tracking but also alerts users to texts and calls from a paired smartphone.It comes in multiple strap options.
  3. Myzone Chest Strap: Being fit is important, but in today’s world people want to be able to accurately record their progress. The Myzone fitness strap keeps track of the effort and intensity of the workouts. The app gives real time percentages of how much of the heart rates capacity was used and the harder you work the more app awards you with points!
  4. Slendertone Connect Abs: It’s all about the core with Slendertone’s latest unisex belt sends shocks of electricity through your abs to contract and expand the muscles. Through the app progress is recorded and the intensity can be adjusted. The company says that 30 minutes using the belt makes up 202 sit-ups
  5. Misfit Shine 2: Shine 2 is a fitness tracker that can be clipped to your waistband, shirt, pockets, and shoes! The tracker is simple in design and offers the usual tracking features, including GPS running and impressive data accuracy. It also can connect to get notifications from your smartphone.

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