MakeFashion Hits Manhattan!

MakeFashion was in New York for the “Fashionware” show on June 25 as part of CE Week. Our team had a great time representing this years collection on behalf of MakeFashion teams including: Dragon Queen, Biomimetic Bride, Proxima, Illuminated Vintage, Tech Tie, and the Nebula. We were happy to share the spotlight with other leading designers including 3lectromode, Hexoskin, and Skulpt. This international event marks the seventh event our MakeFashion design teams have been invited to in the four months since the gala on March 1st 2014, and there are several invitations on the horizon.


CE Week is the CE industry’s official mid-year meeting, conference and new technology showcase. CE Week and its partners drew  6,000+ members of the media, retailers and thought leaders from across the country last year. Large corporations to innovative start-ups demonstrated new products, held press conferences and networking events, and CEA unveiled mid-year market research and analysis. Key industry analysts, business leaders and columnists presented exclusive data and insights in presentations and on panels.

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