Wearable Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016

The countdown to Christmas has begun and if you’re anything like me, you have not even thought about what you’re getting your loved ones this year! This is probably one of the  the most stressful, busy, hectic times of the year, but don’t worry- here are 9 cool wearable tech gift ideas for your tech loving friends / family!

    1. For the sneaker lover in your life: Vixole sneakers gaining attention from both fashion and tech lovers on Instagram. These fun shoes come in both men’s and women’s sizes and feature LED or OLED screen that wrap around the back of the heels of the shoes. Images and videos can be uploaded and displayed across the screen to create a super unique sneaker. These futuristic kicks ship in June, so pre-order ASAP! ($150+)
    2. For the forgetful friend: Kyte and Key’s cabelet bracelet is the perfect gift for the friend who always forgets to bring their iPhone charger. The bracelet can be opened up to charge a phone with it’s portable charge- and- sync cable. The leather, braided, cord come in a variety of colours and are stylish and masculine enough that it would make a suitable gift for the forgetful men in your life.($129)
    3. For the new parent:  Babelt is the first bracelet that monitors babies, giving parents a piece of mind. This bracelet grows with your baby. Some of it’s features include a temperature monitor. If the body temperature of the baby is increasing/ decreasing, the device will send a sign through an app so that parents are able to react quicker with less of a guessing game! ($99)
    4. For the Apple lover: The Apple watch had to be on the list! It’s sleek, cool, and expensive, but if you love someone enough why not get them the present of cool tech?! ($360+)
    5. For the gamer in your life: Virtual reality is probably the coolest thing out there right now and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. View-Master has created the View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer. It’s a great way to introduce virtual reality headsets to anyone, the VR content is limitless! The headsets come with a headphone connector and focus wheel.($39.99)
    6. For the businessman: These cufflinks, from Ox & Bull Trading Co., are perfect for the young professional with their simple and clean look. Each cufflink carries 8GB for storage, perfect for carrying presentations or documents. ($105)
    7. For the socialite: Q Designs QBracelet connects to iPhone’s via a built-in Apple Lightning connector and provides up to an extra 50% charge! The bracelet is light in weight and comes in silver, matte silver, matte black, and gold. Perfect for the socialite on the go. ($150)
    8. For the music lover: Helix has created the first wearable cuff with extractable bluetooth earbuds. The cuff is equipped with the most advanced sound technology to reach a bluetooth wearable tech. The Helix cuff comes in a variety of colours and designs. ($199+)
    9. For the fashionista: CAT’s CAT clutch is purse that can display LED pixel art anywhere you go! The clutch is customizable and can be changed using the accompanying app. CAT clutch comes preloaded with over 20 pixel art animations. Another cool feature, it also charges your phone! Preorder now for a February delivery, just in time for Valentine’s day!  ($399)
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