Borrowing from Greek mythology, Éōs & Nyx embody the ancient story of transformation from the night sky into the dawn.

When both pieces are worn together the Nyx (night) cloak twinkles with real-time constellations and moon phase, while the Éōs (dawn) dress remains lightless and asleep beneath. But once Nyx is removed, the stars and moon go dark and Éōs slowly begins a sunrise awakening from dark purples and reds, to brighter pinks and oranges, until finally the sun pendant bursts into golden life and the dress glows with animations of real-time weather. The ancient writings of Homer describing Éōs & Nyx are celebrated through handwritten accents on a leather hairpiece, sandals, belt and winged shoulders.

The Éōs & Nyx team is:

  • Zoë Klintberg, Designer/Producer, Co-owner and Artistic Director of Rocket House Productions
  • Kevin Loney, Technical Lead, Owner of Brains In Jars
  • Erin Bauer, Fashion Lead, Stage Manager and Costume Designer
  • Andy Guba, Accessories Lead, Leather Designer, Actor and Movement Performer

Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Model: Eloise Yaksiw | Makeup: Lyana Gibert

Technical Information:

  • Built around Intel Edison’s embedded computer
  • Almost 1000 Individually addressable LEDs
  • Capable of updating those LEDs at a theoretical 240 frames per second
  • Uses GPS and open weather map data from the internet to match the dress to current weather conditions
  • Onboard electro static discharge detector detects lightning with ~2 miles and flashes accordingly
  • Light sensor in the belt.
  • Pendant diffusers are 3D printed
  • Pendant frames are CNC milled copper
  • Lasercut accessory pieces

Special Thanks To:

Alberta Printed Circuits, Blu’s Womens Wear, Dayton Pidhirney, Catherine Fillo, Mark Harris, Amy Klintberg, Matt Laprairie, Jim Akeson, snailpainter, and Shannon Hoover