Photography: Zev Vitaly Abosh | Model: Danuta Darling | Makeup: Rini Vosa Asani | Stylist: Dona Sela

Positive Feedback explores the interconnectedness of our online and offline social lives.

Has the ease with which we observe and scrutinize each other’s social activity changed how we see each other? If everyone could see at a glance that you’re burning up on twitter – would you want to show off? The dress starts off as a traditional party dress. But when the wearer receives social media activity, the dress illuminates and the skirt moves, revealing sparkling ruffles.

The Positive Feedback team is:

  • Kathryn Blair, Designer/Programmer. Kathryn’s background is in visual art, and she loves using physical computing to explore ideas. She has been a designer for MakeFashion since 2013.
  • Ryan Blair, electronics, mechanics and hardware engineer. Ryan’s background is in mechanical engineering and he has been working with Kathryn to make their designs come to life since 2013.

Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Model: Christina Robertson | Makeup: Vjosa Asani

Technical Information:

  • WS2812B addressable RGB LED lights
  • Spark Core
  • Adafruit PWM breakout board
  • Hobby sail servos
  • Through wifi, the dress connects to the internet and uses the Twitter and Facebook APIs to check social media activity

Kathryn and Ryan would like to thank Katherine Mandolidis, our fantastic model and dancer who brought the piece to life. They would also like to thank Angela Harder, who provided amazing sewing help right up to the last minute.

Kathryn and Ryan have been involved with MakeFashion since 2013 and would like to thank the MakeFashion team with their perseverance with the project, taking designs around the world and bringing amazing international designers to Calgary.