Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Models: Carolynne Scoffield, Elle Nguyen and Spencer Ashley Whitman | Makeup: Michelle Suffolk Walsh

The Gilded Fractals Collection 2015 is a new wearable tech collection inspired by the amazing shapes and geometry found naturally in the world around us.

This elegant feminine collection features designs and accessories that react to both the wearer’s environment and movements .The collection includes: Origami Dress, Shooting Star Dress, Corset with Lasercut Pencil Skirt and Clutch. More information on the Phi collection can be found at:

The Phi team is:

  • Stacey Morgan: Designer. Stacey Morgan has participated in numerous wearable art shows at ACAD and Art Central, and continues to create event dresses, wedding dresses and other commissioned garments.
  • Kenzie Housego: Designer. Kenzie’s art practice originally focused on 2D assemblage, self-portriature and performance art.
  • Sophia Amin: Engineer

Stacey and Kenzie met completing their Bachelors of Fine Arts at the Alberta Collage of Art and Design. Stacey was completed the Fibre program and Kenzie is a graduate of the Print Media department.

Technical Information:

Origami Dress

  • Movement sensor (accelerometer) attached to the wrist that controls the back lighting level on the skirt of the dress
  • Wireless radio communication between the sensor and LEDs

Shooting Star Dress

  • Led matrixes displaying constellation animations
  • Led strip shooting stars across the piece

Corset/Lasercut pencil skirt

  • Laser cut acrylic tiles with led backlighting


  • An led matrix that is controlled wirelessly through an Iphone application, can choose between different animation pre-sets on the app.

Last year Stacey and Kenzie along with collaborator Amie Mae and engineer Dan Damron, created Illuminated Vintage.

Since the 2014 show, many of the Phi team pieces have been exhibited at MakerFaire’s, wearable tech events and festivals around the world including, San Francisco Maker Faire, Calgary Mini Maker Faire, Beakerhead Festival, Tech Burlesque, MakerFaire Shenzhen and MakerFaire Roma.

Now newly branded as “Phi: Illuminated Design”, Stacey and Kenzie hope that their “Gilded Fractals Collection” gains the same momentum and opportunity to connect with other global industry wearable art and tech innovators.

Sneak peek video