Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Models: Alexandra Catrina and Vanessa Wedge | Makeup: Michelle Suffolk Walsh

Onna – Bugeisha: The inspiration for this piece comes from the female japanese warrior, empowering women’s equality.

Light Shade: This piece explores the simplicity of form with the complexity of shapes, creating softness from the most rigid of materials and weightlessness with denseness of material.

The Obscure Shadow team is:

  • Matt Jackson Laprairie: Designer. Matt is a graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design.
  • Hazel Brandreth: Technical Lead. Hazel is an engineering graduate.
  • Alexandra Catrina: Model
  • Vanessa Wedge: Model

Technical Information:

Onna – Bugeisha

  • Carbon fiber, fiberglass and titanium.
  • LEDS light fiber optics embedded in the corset and skirt
  • 10 neopixel panels used in the dress and arm guards
  • In total over 3400 LEDS are used throughout the outfit and are controlled by Spark Core and wirelessly communicate to sync up.

Light Shade

  • Carbon fiber, fiberglass, sterling silver and titanium.
  • LEDS backlighting the corset
  • neopixels highlighting the pants
  • all being controlled by Spark core and wirelessly communicate to sync up.

“MakeFashion allows artists, designers and engineers to expand their minds and create leading edge one of a kind creations that will most definitely impact the future tech fashion. The show itself is not about being a singular individual, it is about becoming a part of a community that works together for the advancement of our movement.”

– Matt Laprairie, Designer