Taking disabilities and turning them into advantages…

Erin Bauer, the model, has alopecia and a gorgeous head so Opulence team started with adorning her with addressable LEDs jewels and then thought “why stop there? We can change the color of her shoes, purse and cocktail dress from her telephone!”

-Opulence team

Opulence team is:

  • Jason Mellor, Designs modifications and Hairstylist
  • Hazel Brandreth, Technician
  • Erin Bauer, Model

Model: Erin Bauer | Makeup: Debra Kelly

Opulence team special thanks Vintage Affair for their contribution as well as Catherine Tzach.
“MakeFashion has electrified my hobbies and is my new family. I love how much support they have given me and introduced me to some of my dearest friends. Thank you!”

– Jason Mellor