Modern Constellation was inspired by the cosmos and the universe, and very much like technology (and a direct cause of technology) our constantly growing understanding of them.

“To me, it was important that this piece kept its focus on the aesthetically pleasing side of design and remained edgy, yet wearable and easily transferable to a regular garment. I wanted to incorporate as many available aspects of the technology, yet respecting the artistry and craftsmanship that cannot be replaced by tech.”

– Maria Orduz, Designer

Modern Constellation team is:

  • Maria Orduz: Designer/Maker
  • Tony Grimes: Laser cutting expert
  • Jesse Gouchey: Artist
  • Ben Eadie: 3D scanning expert
  • Jon McDonald: 3D printing expert
  • Shannon Hoover & Dan Damron: Lighting

Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Model: Luisa Steen | Makeup: Lyana Gibert

Technical Information:

  • Modern Constellation team conducted a 3D scan of the model for exact dimensions.

The skirt

  • the team modeled the shape onto our model’s 3D scan.
  • they digitally modified the pattern pieces to make sure the fit was correct and conducted some test runs in cardboard.
  • they tried different cutting patterns with the laser expert in order to find one that could help the wood curve enough to give the skirt shape, but remained sturdy.
  • once the skirt shape and pattern was finalized and assembled, Jesse Gouchey, a local graffiti artist, spray paint his rendition of the universe.
  • once painted, the team added about 150 RGBs, all color coordinated to create our illusion of moving stars under the galaxy.

The bodice

  • it was drafted manually.
  • The team used different sizes of 3D printed piramids which were sewn onto the bodice and each was enhanced with a coordinating color RGB.

“The MakeFashion initiative offers a one of a kind incubator for both technology and fashion, creating a space in which innovation and design collide. There is no two people who possess the same set of skills which makes the group diverse, thought provoking and inspiring.”

– Maria Orduz