Photography: Rafal Wegiel Photography | Model: Elizabeth Grey | Makeup: Vjosa Asani

The dress, titled Eunoia which means ‘beautiful thought’, was inspired by the creative process and from where it derives.

“The ancient greeks believed inspiration came from the muses and artists were merely vessels acting on behalf of the gods. Today we have a very different interpretation of where ideas come from, heavily placed on the artist’s personal ego. This dress is meant to represent ideas given from a divine source. Complex in design and yet simple in silhouette, she walks in as though from a dream~ profound and enlightened.”

– Kyle Nylund, Designer

Eunoia team is:

  • Kyle Nylund: Designer/Maker. Kyle Nylund has a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design. He has always been fascinated by wearable art and it’s ability to inspire. He is also a painter and performer, intent on understanding beauty in it’s many forms.
  • Tony Grimes: Technician, bringing dress to light.

Technical Information:

  • Eunoia is created with laser cut panels individually sewn together.
  • Fibreoptic fabric has been sewn into each cutout, resulting in a subtle glow enhancing the design.